Called back

Hello everyone

I just found this forum and need to get something out as I have no one to talk too.

My mum has breast cancer and is going through the last stages of chemo. I am 40 yrs old and as a precaution my doctor sent me to see a breast special as there have been 4 women in the family who have had breast cancer.

I went and had an examination and the consultant said that my breasts felt normal but arranged for me to have a mamogram.

Yesterday I received a letter saying that the result showed some abnormalty in the left breast so they have booked me in for an altrosound and possibly a biopsy this Thursday. I can’t believe it as I haven’t felt any lumps or had any problems with my breast apart from when I have my periods like most women.

I am really scared. I couldn’t tell my family because of what my mum is going through.

I don’t have anyone to go with me on Thursday and I know that when my mum went for hers they told her straight away after the altroscan that they thought it was cancer although they could not be absolutely sure until the biopsy results came back.

Any advice and reasurance would be most welcome as I am beside myself with this.

Hello Loujean,

Oh, I really feel for you right now, and you aren’t alone at all honest! I’ve only just registered yesterday here, but reading replies to other people’s posts, there’s a lot of love and caring about each other on here! You need it right now, as I can imagine you don’t want to worry your Mum and other family members.

I’m sure they wouldn’t want you to be “going this alone” next Thursday though Loujean, so if you don’t want to tell them, have you got a friend you could take with you, or if not, that could meet you directly afterwards for a coffee or something, so that you have someone there for you directly afterwards? If not, all the hospital staff I’ve come into contact with have been brilliant - they have to be like that, so I’m sure you’ll find them just as lovely!

Thank heavens your doctor sent you for tests, because IF it’s anything that needs treating, at least it’ll have been recognised before it has the chance to go further. However Loujean, I think it’s only about 10percent of breast lumps that turn out to be cancerous. I know you’ve got your family history, but please try not to worry as there’s still every chance of it being a false alarm. It’s so easy to let our minds go towards the worst possible scenarios isn’t it? I know I’ve done that, n it’s so difficult not to do so at times - we’re only human!!

I really hope I’ve been able to reassure you at least a little bit Loujean. Take care of yourself, and keep posting here when you need to - I’ll be thinking about you on Thursday! xx


Sorry for your worry. If your hospital has a one stop shop you will probably get the results on the day, if not waiting times vary. It is worth finding this out in advance as I never think it is a good idea to get any results on your own good or bad, you never know how you are going to react. I am glad your mam is nearly at the end of chemo, I am myself and I am sure she is tired by now. Some lumps are not palpable but there are also lots of reasons why they would recall you. They are often extra vigilant with people who have a strong family history and may just want an extra look. I wish you all the best and hope your mam is doing well. Dx

Hello Midge and Shelly and thank you for you support and replying to my post.

I feel a bit calmer today and I have decided whatever happens I’ll just have to deal with it for my childrens sake.

I am always there for my friends and dropping things to help them when they are ill or taking them to the hospital when they ask me too. I’m really suprised and feel quite down at their reaction when I asked a couple of them if they could come with me or meet afterwards. They said if nothing else comes up they will try to come with me or meet me there. They don’t understand all the fuss which how they have described my worry towards what has happened.
I feel so let down.

I guess you really do find out who your friends our at times like these.

I really appreciate your kind words. I’ll keep you posted with what happens on Thursday.

Thank you for caring xx


Am glad you are feeling better. I do hope one of your friends can manage to come with you. Good luck and please post again even if it is just to let off steam before Thursday. Everyone here understands how stressful it can be. Dx

Hello again Loujean

You sound a lovely person to have as a friend, and I’m sorry that your two friends don’t realise how worried you are. Like Midge, I hope that when Thursday comes, one of them can go with you, or meet you afterwards.

Take care of yourself Loujean - and enjoy those children of yours, as well as doing some nice things for yourself each day too!

I’ll look out each day for your posts, but if you don’t make any more between now and Thursday, please let us know on here how you go on at the hospital.

Love, xx

the majority of people recalled dont have breast cancer… bear in mind too if you have never had a mammo then they have nothing to compare your scan to as nobody knows whats normal for you it could just be a bit of ‘you’ on the mammo.

the doctor would have told you if he felt a lump and thats a good sign if he hasnt even if it does turn out to be cancer it usually means its very small and would hopefully be at an early stage and easier to treat… the screening programmes including the family history screening is trying to identify cancers at a very early stage but unfortunately it doesnt prevent them from devloping.

if you are in the family history clinic they are also more likely to bring you back if they see an anomally even if they know its something benign on mammo they need you to return so they can confirm that… ill be keeping my fingers crossed all is ok but if its more serious we are all here to help support you through… hope your friends come through for you too.

love and hugs

Lulu x

Hello there Loujean!

Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you today when you go to the hospital - please let us all know how you go on!

Luv xxx