Called for breast screening again!

Hi all
I was just leaving for my 3 weekly Herceptin when the postman called with my 3 yearly call-up for breast screening - more than a touch of stables and bolting horses! I did try to get my registration for Breast screening cancelled last time (I phoned up and explained why I wouldn’t be attending the appointment and suggested they take me off their list) but here it is again! I suppose I should just be glad that I am still here too but I do find it a bit distressing and I could do without the reminder.

Has anyone else managed to get off this register and if so how?

Cheers (and sorry for being so grumpy)

you have every right to be grumpy - and I wish you every success on the right to be removed from the register.

You can’t take yourself off the list, but you can ask your Gp to remove your name. Every 3 years the list is sent to the Gp’s practise and they should remove anyone who should not be called such as ladies who have already had bilateral mastectomies or those to whom the invitation would cause distress. Even if you phone your local screening unit all they are allowed to do is enter declined invitation for that year and you will still be called in 3 years time unless the GP has indicated otherwise.

Coming at this from a slightly different tack (and we’re not talking horsey equipment) I keep on getting info from the Blood Donors service as I used to donate. I have written and told them very specifically on the phone more than once, my exact circumstances and they still keep on contacting me. They are always very apologetic and say my name will be removed from their registers and then low and behold - another begging letter/phone call… Aaargggh.

Yours in grumpy sympathy,


I have had my name taken off by informing the Breast Clinic that I saw absolutely no point in screening when I was under consultant care. I was required to sign the usual disclaimer [so i can’t sue them] but they made no other difficulties.

Thanks everyone - I am going to do as has been suggested and contact my GP.

I hate to tell you this but the disclaimer was probably just for refusing that one time - you will still get called again in 3 years time.

You may recall that, ages ago, I wanted to give my body to medical science - and it was refused!! It must be so galling having the Blood Donor Service keep writing to you and reminding you that, really, they don’t want you after all. Perhaps we should all carry bells and call out ‘unclean, unclean!’


He he, Blondie - off to paint a cross on my door!

Love Jenny

My bugbear at the moment is the number of mail drops I’ve had in recent months inviting me to take on life insurance! I probably got just as many of these before my dx, but I’m sensitised to them now and they really get on my nerves. I joined the mail preference scheme years ago, but obviously to no avail in this respect.

Blondie, I got to donate my breast to medical science, so I guess they’ve already got the bit they’d be interested in anyway!

Maybe - but they said they were removing my name from the list, so I shall just have to wait and see.