called to assessment clinic after routine Mammogram, & call from Breast Care Nurse = panic!

Hi everyone

Sorry to be on this board but appreciate the wonderful friendship and advice given, so am joining in for some of your valuable insight.

I’ve been called to the further assessment clinic after a routine 50+ mammogram (I’m 51). My appointment is on Monday and today I just picked up a message from the Breast Care Nurse who called on Friday. Now, I was worried anyway but receiving a call from the Nurse has sent me into a bit of a panic 'cos surely she wouldn’t have rung if it was nothing to worry about. Surely if it was nothing she wouldn’t waste her valuable time? I won’t know until Monday afternoon but I am trying to prepare myself for the worst as I don’t think a breast care nurse would have rung me if it was nothing to worry about. I didn’t pick up the message until this afternoon so haven’t been able to speak to her but can’t help feeling it is not a good sign…

Any thoughts please?

Hi Epinay / Diana,

Sorry you have to spend your weekend worrying about Monday.

I had triple assessment all in one day & that was bad enough.
Have you been informed about the further tests you might be having?
Could be the nurse just wanted to prepare you.
I’m guessing that you will have an ultrasound and possibly a biopsy if that is any help to you. It could have been a fairly routine query; nurses tend to respect your privacy & so wouldn’t necessarily state anything on your answerphone….

Really hope that helps and that you are able to enjoy some of your weekend.
Waiting is the worst; I know.



Lomaline - thank you so much for responding.

I admit I became even more worried when I discovered the nurse had called me, though I keep trying to convince myself that maybe it’s routine to do that with women called to the assessment clinic but I really don’t know.

I expect they will do an ultrasound but I haven’t found a lump even though I’ve searched constantly for one since receiving the recall letter. Having said that, I did go for the triple assessment last June because of slight dimpling/tethering on one breast but the mammogram didn’t show anything then so I was given the all clear. Now I’m worried it might be something after all even though I can’t feel a lump.

How are you? Did your triple assessment show up anything?
Thanksa gain for responding…

Hi again Diana,

I was diagnosed back in March and am doing well (really!) after having found a lump myself, so it wasn’t through routine screening…. I wasn’t sure if I should write to you for fear of upsetting you more, but I really remember how tough a ‘not knowing’ phase can be as well as the constant self exams whilst waiting! Easy to say this, but try & distract yourself and really, do not try and think too far ahead.

I do hope that all goes well for you on Monday. This site is so great if you need it, though it may be that you won’t.

Do post & let us know how you get on,



I was diagnosed in July following a routine mammogram, on call back I had a second mammogram, an ultrasound and then a biopsy. Following biopsy I was told that it would have to come out - all 6mm of it! Following week I had an appointment with the consultant and told the results - tubular cancer. Surgery booked for 2 weeks later. Results 10 days after that - 4mm tumour, clear margins and lymph nodes clear. Letter sent to the local cancer center for radiotherapy. All in all 24 days from recall to op. Now I am having 15 sessions of radiotherapy and am on the IMPORT Low trial.

So… if your results are BC, they can sort you out!


Hi Epinay just wondered how it went on monday?