calling any Brummies/ bromsgroveons

hey all
anyone from Brummy land. im actually live Bromsgrove. so anywhere this sort of area.
be good to maybbe meet for cofee chats ect. xx

Hey there…I’m in Solihull which is near enough birmingham :slight_smile:

hey, my chap lives in wythall, even closer.

how ae you doing, x

Hi Poppy…apologies for going awol for the last week !! Ive been doing really well this year but then have had a pain under my right ribs for about 2 weeks…spoke to my bcn and they had me go for a ct scan to check out my liver. As you probably know waiting for results is soooo bad so I kind of lost my head for the week…but have just heard that the results were fine, so am sooo relieved and sooo happy !!!

Where are you at with your treatment?? I was dx in Jun 09 at the age of 33…no history in the family I just appear to be very unlucky grr !! I had a lumpectomy, chemo, mx, rads and Herceptin so pretty much full whack! Anyway Ive come out of it fine, have been feeling great and doing really well bar the last 2 weeks! Im back at work etc etc…its amazing how quickly time goes !!

Ive made some invaluable friends from this site…cos as great as my family friends have been (and they have) no one can truly understand unless they have been through it themselves !

Hope your doing ok xxxxx

I live in Beoley, am 45, husband but no kids. Diagnosed end Oct 2010, due to start chemo 13th Jan, am very scared about this!

Hi Poppy, I have PM’d you. Mo

Hi, I’m in southwest Brum, border of Selly Oak and Northfield.

I’m starting chemo on 5 Jan, Sewali.