Calling BC Survivors

Hi All
Would really loved to hear some recent stories from any BC suvivors out there, who have been there, done it and are wearing the T-shirt and who are using this website or another.
Alot of us are either starting or going through treatment and it would be nice to hear from some ladies who are further down the line and their perspective on all this now!
I hear the odd story from some sources who say ’ Oh yes, Mrs Bloggs was DX 40yrs ago and she’s doing great’! Would love to start a tread and hear from these positive women. Or does anyone know of an existing tread?
Rosie x

Hi Rosie,

I think you might have been better posting this thread in a different forum maybe the after treatment has finished or living with breast cancer because i dont think chit chat goes on the latest posts anymore. I know there are a few ladies on here who are a few years down the line. I was dx in oct 07 so 18 months for me but doing well and feel great. If you ask someone from bbc maybe the can move the thread for you.

Take Care

Leslee x