Calling Sheila, Mavis ,faraway,lulu we are worried.

Hi,ladies,we are all worried about you as we haven’t head from you all in a while. If you are feeling up to it please just send a blank message so we know your okay .
Huge hugs from all your cyber friends xxxxxxxx

Yes…i’m adding to that too. Hopefully your all ok girls. Maybe you’re laid up with this awful cold/flu bug and don’t feel like posting.
Thinking of you ?
Hugs for you ((( )))

Yes thinking of you all and may I add Angelfalls to those names? We have not heard from her for such a long time and I often wonder and hope she’s ok. Love to All. Thanks for starting this thread Helen. X

Yes thinking of you all, hope you are all ok and sending love and hugs.
Take care Janette x x x

Just bumping to see if anyone has any news and have added angel,Belinda as she’s been very quiet for a long time xxxxx

I am in touch with Lulu x

Thanks Chocolate, sending Shelia love and hugs
Janette x x

Hi lulu and faraway…Great to hear from you both.
Hey lulu…saw your pics on fb dancing in your wheelchair! Youre one mad fab lady lol! So heart- warming to see you and your friends enjoying yourselves. Been worried about you but hope youre not in too much pain with ribs.
Faraway…very angry to hear what your employers are trying to do. Theres a really good Macmillan booklet about work and cancer which explains your rights but tbh if you have a solicitor then he’ll take care of it all for you. I dont think they can sack you?
Shame about your hair but mines coming out too after 2nd docetaxel. Had coldcap but guess its not 100% effective.
My se’s are better this time. Just spent mon and tues in bed to sleep it off and just have muscle ache, sore mouth and tiredness…but like you i was in hospital for 4 days after 1st chemo with infection and neutropenia!
Hope youre better soon.
Take care ladies. Xxxxxxxxx

So pleased you have been having some good times Lulu, I wanna visit your kitchen. :slight_smile: keep making those plans and take care. X
Oh Faraway, how awful you have all the work stuff on top of your hospital stay. Sure your solicitor knows this but you are most definitely covered by the disability discrimination act. Take care. X

Oh Faraway that is dreadful, the heartless pigs!!! You dont need all that whilst trying to deal with your treatment and this disease. Do not take it lying down they cannot do this
Sorry you have been in hospital and have had a difficult time, hope you start to feel better soon.
Hugs Janette x x