Hello Cally

My name is Anne - and it sounds like we might be having chemo together. I am also having 3 fec and 3 tax. Supposed to be starting this Friday - but hospital knows nothing about me!!!
My story - core biopsy found grade 1 idc, wle and snb found 30mm of grade 3 idc but included in the 30 mm was alot of dcis with no clear margins on dcis - lymph node involvement. Mastectomy and immediate LD recon end september with total aux. clearance - 11 out of 28 nodes affected and more idc found quite away from orginal 1.5mm.
So now for chemo then 6 weeks of rads. Have an appointment for wig fitting next week, but have also ordered some bandanas - not sure how that will go as normally do not like things on my head.

My 1st tax is supposed to be 21st DEc - so in for a good christmas!!! Have two young children 3 and 5.

Hope you are well

Take Care, Love

Anne x

HI there
you’ll be a little ahead of me but keep in touch as to how you are feeling and i’ll use you as a guinea pig ! I am going for another wig fitting on Friday and will come home with my new locks in a carrier bag. I also dont usually have anything on my head but have bought a couple of normal hats from accessorize for the thinning and the growing back stages . I may not use them but they are nice anyway.
your first tax is on my birthday. I probably should be around my last fec then.

take care
best of luck for friday