Can a new lump form this quick?

I had a lumpectomy last June followed by Radiotherapy and got the “All Clear” in September. I am on Tamoxifen and yearly check ups.

I seem to be able to feel a small hard lump in the same breast and am now worried by it but don’t want to go to the doctors if I am mistaken ( I don’t think I am !!)

Can a new cancerous lump form so quickly after radiotherapy?
Should I go back to the doctors or wait until my check up later this year?
I just don’t know what to do but can’t get it out of my head.

What a stress for you. It is probably nothing to worry about, but as you know from past experience ALL breast lumps that are new to you should be investigated. It might just be fiberous tissue from your surgery and subsequent radiotherapy. Your Breast Care Nurse might even get you an appointment to see your Team to check it for you if you give her a ring.
The Helpline at Breast Cancer Care might be worth talking it over with. I have always found them so supportive when I have had a “Blip.” Tel 0808 800 6000.
I hope you get an answer quickly re the lump.
Thinking of you

very likely it is scar tissue, many people (including me) can feel a lump at the site of the operation. However, to answer your question, occasionally a new lump can grow quickly, so you must get it checked. The best thing to do is phone your breast care nurse, often they can arrange for you to pop in and see them. I wouldn’t go to your GP, unless the hospital will not help.

Remember as well that radiotherapy can affect your tissue too, so as SarahAL says have a word with your breast care nurse asap so that she can take a look and put your mind at ease. She will have far more experience than your GP on this matter, and, of course you are still on your hospital’s ‘radar’ and will be for a very long time yet.

Good luck and do let us know how you get on please

Mazzalou x

hi,i had the same treatment as you(finished rads last july) i felt a lump in same breast a couple of weeks ago. luckily i had a follow up app.with my surgeon later that week so didnt have to get referred again.she too felt it and arranged for a mammo and ultrasound a couple of days later.thank goodness just"thickening"or scar tissue from surgery or rads. definately call your bcn as my hospital operates a policy that they can get you an app. without seeing your gp. good luck and try not to worry!! let us know how you get

I had the same treatment 6 years ago and have a lump where I had surgery formed very soon after rads but it’s scar tissue and fat necrosis but i did go and get it investigated (actually a few times as its chnaged a bit over the years) which i recommend you do just to make sure.

Lulu x

Thanks for all your advice.

I rang my BCN and she gave me an appointment the same day, saw the consultant, had a mammogram and Ultra sound and all is FINE :slight_smile:

Just thickening of scar tissue… PHEW. Thanks again


Maureen that is excellent news!


so pleased for you!!xx