Can all dentists use sedation techniques

Can all dentists use sedation techniques?

i dont know what techniques you had in mind. I have such a bad phobia i have to have intravenous valium before i will even lie down on the dentists chair. I certainly would not want the dentist to administer this because they are not trained anaesthetists and anyway they cannot monitor the amount of drug being administered when they are working on your teeth.

It might be that there are less drastic techniques available though that it is safe for them to use. I am trying to remember the phrase i googled with to find a dentist who worked with sedation.


No, not all dentists use sedation, but some do. I go to a dentist here in West Yorks who twice a week, when the other doctor is there too, treats phobic patients. I am one of them unfortunately.
They inject something similar to Rohypnol, so you don’t go to sleep, but you remember nothing. Only thing is it’s very expensive and you have to have someone with you to take you home afterwards.

thats the effect intravenous valium has, My husband stayed with me once. Apparantley i was awake, happy and co-operative. But I dont remember a thing.

It is expensive, especially in England because the minimum time the doctor will charge is 3 hours. In Bulgaria it works out so much cheaper because the minimum charge is an hour.


Yes! My partner said I was awake and very smiley and co-operative too lol. I don’t remember anything! I came round in my bed at home, fantastic! To wake up and see all your teeth done: priceless :slight_smile:

and to think that people always used to be knocked out for removal of teeth and now that doesn’t happen.
I’m OK with this except when it’s wisdom teeth - that’s horrific to be awake for… you swear they’re going to stab you in the mouth, it’s really hard to get them out, it hurts to keep your mouth open that long, they crack and you can hear it. Shudder.

Ah poo I’m due to have wisdom tooth out. Had teeth pulled with a little bit of numbness while pregnant but soooo scared will I have a choice to br knocked out? x

I dont think you do these days, so silly. Used to have gas and be out for the count in the old days. No wonder so many people are phobic now.

I never used to have a prob with needles until I got sore veins from chemo and now everytime anyone mentions a needle I cringe. Not full on panic but not the nonchalance I used to have!

No, sedation techniques cannot be employed by all dentists. Sedation dentistry can be quite complex, and most dentists who are interested in using these drugs must be licensed to do so. Most dentists will mention on their websites if they have the appropriate licenses. If they do not, it may be a good idea to contact their offices to ask. It is important to remember that dentists’ sedation drugs require special training.