Can any one offer advice?

Hi Ladies,


I had a WLE and am due to start chemo on Thursday.  I have a tiny 2mm open area - not weeping, no signs of infection right underneath my boob.  When the surgeon and nurse saw it over a week ago it was exactly the same and they said it didnt need a dressing.  I am concerned as it is definately not healed.  I had heart scan the other day (at another hospital) and they got the breast nurse to have a look, she said there was a tiny stitch sticking out and cut it off (I know that can prevent healing), she put a dressing on and gave me a few to use at home.  What I want to know really is can this prevent me starting chemo?


Thanks in advance

Lynda x

Hi Lynda,
I would be very reluctant to start chemo if I were you till completely healed. . My advise would be to speak to your team & tell them how you feel.
I didn’t start b4 my mx was utterly healed & just had had my 4th EC treatment.
Hope this helps & good luck.

I had a similar situation with a very small infection in my portacath scar, caused by a couple of stitches.  This was examined during my last chemo session and did not stop chemo being administered.  A swab was taken (I assume it was fine as I haven’t been contacted) and I was given an antibiotic cream to put on every day.  It has cleared up quickly.