Can anyone help found another lump

Hi all

Diagnosed last july mastectomy and lymph node clearance (all clear), followed by 6 x fec and 3 x weeks rads (finished rads 3 weeks ago). Have recently found a pea sized lump in my armpit, GP gave me antibiotics and said probably due to rads. Trouble is I am really worried that it has come back or not gone away. Are lumps after rads common, has anybody else had this?

Would appreciate any feedback comments.

Thanks Mel

Hi Mel

Do you have a BCN you can call? I would definately ask to see your Breast Consultant or Onc. I tend not to go to my GP with anything I think might be related to BC…best to go straight to the specialists!

Rads apparantly don’t cause lumpy bits (I was told that from onc & surgeon when I found a lumpy bit in my neck), but it may just be a wee fatty lump that’s developed.

Either way, best to get it checked out again.

Good Luck & let us know how you get on.


It could be a sebaceous cyst/blocked pore, or any number of things. It is best to consult the hospital to be on the safe side but don’t assume the worst.

Good luck!

Ann x