Can anyone help me with a small problem..

Can anyone help me with a small problem…

Can anyone help me with a small problem… My mother had breast cancer three years ago, and touch wood is now on her way to recovery. It is quite a strange question I have, but I hope some one can share their experience with me. She suffers from awful sweats due to the menopause (and has done for several years) the only thing that could control it was HRT - which of course she can not take any more.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can start looking for advice, her pharmacist and doctors basically said “when you find a cure for the sweats please let us know…”

I would be grateful for any ideas.


have you seen written by Drs - aimed mainly in a “normal” i.e. non BC menopause but does cover lots of “options”

follow links Alternatives Therapies Prescribed alternatives

lists some of the more common prescribed alternatives .

Problem is (as your Drs and Pharmacist have already told you) - there is no easy answer to your question.

Don’t take anything myself so can’t offer any specific advice on what I’ve found effective (but do use a chillow pillow which is great).

Good luck

try aromatherapy HAve you tried consulting an aromatherapist? If you can find one who mixes their own products they could make you up a cream to apply as bed time which can be quite beneficial for the night sweats.

I remember coming accross an excellent site when I did my practitioners course (I just do friends and family for fun but wanted to know what I was doing) with chat rooms and there seemed to have been quite dramatic results with some women (not all through I’m afraid). If it is 3 yrs on I would have thought there should be no problems as long as she gives a full medicial history during the consultation.

Go to a reputable practitioner (health spa’s are not always the best as the employees have to be multi skilled) try to find someone who specialises in aromatherapy and explain what you are looking for before the appointment so that they can prepare.

It’s worth a try. Let me know what you think.

Izz x

For night sweats Hi Vicki

I remember that a lot of the ladies on here swore by something called The Chillow for night sweat problems [something I suffer from dreadfully now].

If you type Chillow into Google search it will give you details of where you obtain this - me, being tight fisted :0, I make do with both a fan and humidifier in bedroom at night and have simply got used to living in tee-shirts during the day no matter what the season.

Best of luck in your hunt


Try acupuncture I echo the support for the Chillow - you can find them offered on the internet for about £20 each.

However, you could also try acupuncture. Many women find it helps and it also helped me somewhat, reducing ther wretched hot flushes, brought on while I was taking Arimidex, by about half from 12-16 a day to about 6-8. I was treated by a GP who specialised in it, at my cancer care centre and I know of other GPs who do it elsewhere. A friend who suffered from the flushes through natural menopause also was helped by acupuncture at a school of Chinese medicine.

Hi I was recomended Peppermint Oil, a few drops, mixed in a spray with water for an instant relief. I haven’t tried it as my periods have now returned but it could be worth a try.


As you can gather no real miracle cure, the chillow is great but I also carry in my handbag magicool spray which gives instant releif. Also one at the side of my bed at night.
Hope this helps with your "tropical moments "


High strength Evening primrose oil capsules help me. Have read about red clover, but don’t know much about it so would hesitate to suggest it without further research.

Starflower Oil I take Evening Primrose and Starflower Oil and it seems to keep the power surges (as I like to think of them) under control.

Glad your mum is doing well.


Soya Milk Hi,

I’ve just added a post about this in the complementary therepy forum. I drink soya milk and have done since I started the menopause five years ago and was getting hot flushes.

Women in Japan don’t go through a menopause as such and the belief is that their diet contains a lot of soya. It could be worth a try. It works for me. Good luck.

Saffire xx

accupunture accupunture is meant to calm night sweats and hot flushes.

Stay away from alcohol as it makes the sweats worse!

Its something I’m going to try anyway.

Goos luck


your mum Hi

does your mum have hot flushes or does she actually sweat like she’s ran a marathon??