Can anyone recommend a good camera?

Hi there,

My camera broke a few months ago and I have been meaning to buy a brand spanking new one for ages now but I just can’t decide what to get. My last one wasn’t the best, the photos looked grand on the viewfinder but when I printed them they would sometimes be fuzzy. Anyone have a camera that they would recommend?

Thanks a mil,
teacup xx

hi teacup,I have just bought a kodak digital with printer dock,you just put camera on top and print however many you want,its great 89.99 from currys,had to buy a memory card,9.99 and a pack to print photos,13.00for 135 prints,I love it,its my new toy.and it is 7.1 mega pixels.

Anything with 5 megapixel or over should do. I actually got a good one in Tesco last year, amazing value at about £30. Bought a tesco own brand memory card too and that was less than £5.

The camera/printer dock packages are becoming very reasonably priced too as debbi has said.

If you want something that prints really well then I’d go for a lot more than 5 megapixel but then my OH is a photographer.

I personally would buy a panasonic LX2 but any of the lx range are good.

The big thing about it that I love is that its got a wide screen aspect ration which means wider pictures like you see at the movies. This is great for landscapes and family snaps, and if you turn it 90 deg you can get great pictures of tall things.

They are a couple of hundred quid though but it is something like 14 mega pixels.

If you’re into photography or want to try cameras out go to a camera shop, somewhere like Jessops rather than PC world as they know more about them and have a much better range and some of the staff are knowledgeable.

O thank you so much for the recommendations. I recently bought a canon printer so hoping that whatever camera I buy works with that. I’m gonna check out the panasonic LX2 and kodak cameras now on-line. The LX2 sounds great vertangie. I want my camera for documenting art classes I teach and to document the artwork I make as well as the usual photo stuff so I would be willing to spend a couple hundred. You’re right about going to a camera shop. Will do that. Thanks again. If anyone else has any recommendation, be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi there, Just wanted to let you know that I really went all out and decided on buying a Canon G9 camera. It’s fab though. Pictures are really sharp and there is an in-built thingy (very technical, ha ha) to stop photo blurring. Vertangle, I took your advice and went to a camera shop. I looked at the LX2 and was definitely quite taken with it but decided on this one. Thanks for everyone’s advice and help. Have a good weekend.

Hi I bought the Canon EOS 400D again a great camera expensive yes but very easy to use prints fab pics 10 mega pics, if you want to invest in a camera this is my recommendation I loved going back to the SLR control , my first digital was a Casio QVR61 that took good pics but you can tell the difference especially if you want to print your own and enlarge them.

It is definitely worth surfing to shop around and get people’s opinions on the web. But at the end of the day its what you fancy,


Ooh Sarah, I was thinking of one of those SLRs, but my question is this, does the shutter react instantly when you push? I find my current digital camera has some sort of delay, or I have to half press the button until I really want that action shot and then push it all the way (story of my life).

Was planning on hitting Jessops for advice, but would be great to have your input…

Sue xx

Yes I got one from Tesco Direct too.They have great offers on sometimes.Mine was £45 reduced from £120- Kodak with 7 megapixels.

I’m a keen amateur (hoping to get paid for it one day) photographer. When I was diagnosed, the first thing I said to my OH was “I need to go and spend a LOT of money”! So I went out that afternoon and bought a Nikon D80, plus 3 lenses and studio lights :smiley: It was fantastic! I’ve been using it to (among other things) document this disease and keep a record of all ops, tests, scars etc. Not for anyone else to see, but for myself. Somehow it makes me feel better to see it all there in photographs - like a pictorial blog I suppose.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune though, (and most don’t) I would seriously recommend my old camera, a Panasonic Lumix TZ3 with x 10 optical zoom. It’s small, portable, and takes cracking photos. My mum bought one after my recommendation and loves it.

Hope that helps.

Caron x