Can anyone recommend a good PS in the north?

Hi Girls
Thank you for all of your help.

Anndi - I have called again, but they are adamant that Mr Hennessey doesnt do DIEP and that I need to speak to a plastic surgeon and not a breast surgeon! I gave up in the end.

Michelle - I am relieved to hear the Sarah has had an explanation regarding her appt with Elaine Sassoon - she was so upset. I will logon later and read up!
I had an appt with Mr Alison for August, but then he moved it back to Sept, and I cant go in Sept. I have heard other ladies speak highly of him too - but I dont think I want him to operate on me. He may have a had an off-day when he ‘spoke’ to me, but there is too much of a risk for me.

I think I am just going to go and see Elaine Sassoon. I dont seem to be getting anywhere fast. I dont want the TRAM since it moves the muscle. I would rather have an implant.

I wish I could just go to one person who could go through all of the options for me - specifically for me.

Lisa, I’ve sent you an email about this.

Hi Lisa

Mr Hennessy has just gone on holiday for 2 weeks or I would call him for you, will ask around to see if there is anyone else who is good.

Have you thought about having the expander and then replacing it for an implant?.

Hope you get sorted.



Hi Lisa, me again

My BCN said Mr Coady at James Cook is also very good.

Do you live in the Teeside area?

Take care.


Hi Ladies
Thank you for all of your help.

Anndi - yes, I do like in Teesside - I live within walking distance of James Cook! Miss Durning performed my mastectomy. Fabulas woman!
My thoughts have swung over to implants since I am having so much trouble finding someone locally to perform a DIEP. I just want somoene to say to me, ‘Lisa, this method is best for you…’ - and then do it!
I wanted (or want) DIEP so that I dont loose muscle. I was DD before being diagnosed, but with weight lose, I have dropped a siz to a D, so this rules out some options anyway. Ill check out Mr Coady also, but I dont think he is a micro-surgeon, and doesnt do DIEP. Mr Alison apparently does DIEP, but when I spoke to him he seemingly was edging towards TRAM flap, and he made me nervous.

I am waiting to hear from Elaine Sassoon now - I am hoping that she will tell me what is best for me, and make a recommendation since she is familiar with all procedures. Then hopefully I will be able to make a decision.

Of course, in the meantime, if I can find someone local that would be better!