Can Anyone shed some light on my results?!

So I have DCIS & have had a mastectomy, I have just had my results back. They gave me them over the phone so I don’t have the report yet but will be able to get that next week at my appointment. I wrote down as much as I could but as you can imagine there were a lot of big words & I couldn’t write it all down.
​So they said there were 3 areas of invasive cancer, the good news is they are all very small. She said something about grade 1 papillary 7mm, 5mm and 2mm. They then said something about hormone and being positive & I was trying to write it down but struggled with it all. I have an appointment next week to discuss treatment, they mentioned tomoxaphin as well but like I say won’t know until next week.
None of it makes much sense to me!!

Hi Laura_loo

I’ve attached a link to our publication “Understanding your pathology report”.  Hope this helps.

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Hi laura-loo, Papillary BC is very rare, fewer than 1% of BC’s are papillary. They are usually quite small and respond really well to treatment and may have a better prognosis than more common  BC’s. They are usually hormone positive. So you will be offered Tamoxifen. BC has 3 grade’s this is how the cells look under a microscope. Grade 1 look like normal cells and are slow growing, grade 2 look inbetween 1 and 3 and grade 3 look very abnormal and are usually more aggressive. I know all BC diagnosis are traumatic and horrid but the type you have does seem to be a bit kinder ( if that’s even the right way of putting it lol) 

all the best with your treatment XX

Hi, that’s really helpful thank you so much, they did say something about hormones & being 8/8 whatever that means! Well as scary as this whole thing is it is reassuring to know that I have one of the best types of a horrible disease if that makes sense! My worry was about treatment and what they will suggest but I will wait & see what they say, thank you x