can anyone tell me about skin mets

I have just found two marks on my stomach, one looks like a burn they are not very big but i am worried ( again). does anyone have skin mets and what are the signs please

Hi Bubbly,
sorry no-one’s replied - it’s been a long time. Hopefully bumping this up to the top might get you answers
Jacquie x

I’ve had and got again skin mets but it’s really difficult to explain what they look like. Mine and other people I have known to talk about them, usually have them around a known secondary cancer site - does that make sense.
My first skin mets came 8 weeks after my mastectomy and looked like ringworm!!! They were red, raised, roundish areas about 1cm round and were painful and were about 10cm above my scar line and towards the middle of my chest. There were 2 areas with about 6 patches in each. I’m not sure if you could say they looked like a burn as it was 3 yrs ago now and I’ve forgotten. I had radiotherapy and boosters and that cleared them.
My new skin mets are in my right armpit which is opposite to original mastectomy. It was already known that I had a new lump in that lymph gland (about 4cm square) appeared above it. This time, the skin puckered and dimpled and went purple looking more like a bruise and was about 2-3 cms across. I was going to have rads to it but am now on weekly taxol and the lump has changed to 3 little, red marks which look like old insect bites and the purple dimpling has gone.
I can’t put your mind at rest - you have to do that horrible thing of making an appointment to see an onc or someone who is prepared to do a skin biopsy. I would try to get a skin biopsy as with my first set, they did nearly treat it as ringworm which is a fungal infection.
Thinking of you and am really surprised no-one else has answered your question as I thought there were quite a few people around site who had skin mets even though they are rarer than other types of secondary. I’ve been in hospital a week or I would have answered you - so glad Jacksey(hello Jacksey) brought this up the board for you but hopefully, you’ve seen someone now and it’s all OK.

I have skin mets - they present as irritable and tickly knobbly areas, usually red, and are on the breasts, around my waist, on my head. If you run a finger across the region, it is slightly raised and you can feel them. They are tiresome and difficult to treat. Vinolrebine knocked them back but after 2 years they started moving again, so am now on Capecitabine. It seems to be having an effect - the redness is lessening, some have disappeared.