can anyone tell me ?

Can anyone tell me why there is a need to have radiotherapy after chemo and surgery? ok maybe i am thick here but i had a mastectomy also (her+2) in april 2009 followed by FEC chemo (still having this) then i have Taxotere for 3 treatments followed by radiotherapy and herceptine for 2 years…why do i need radiotherapy? if the breast has ben removed and the chemo has mopped up any remaining cancer cells

did you have any affected cells sometimes they will do rads to the auxilla when you have had a mastectomy but most commonly you get rads following WLE because there is still breast tissue left.

but i think some units and consultants just wanna zapp you with everything they have going.

The reason both radiotherapy and chemotherapy are used is that research has shown that for some cancers, using multiple treatments (surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy)produce the best outcome. This is because each treatment type remove cells in a different way, so hopefully if one treatment has left any cells behind, the other treatments will get them. Also, despite having a mastectomy, there will be breast tissue left, albeit a small amount so the radiotherapy will be targeting this and also the node area, if that was affected.

i had 4 outta 11 lymph nodes affected so maybe thats why they are doing the rads but still seems a little odd oh well at least i can say i am slowly working my way through the medical book… had it!!! got it!! tryed it!! didnt want it!! and eventually BEAT IT !!! Yeah x

Like you I too had rads even though I had a mastectomy. I also had them to the armpit even though they removed all the lymph nodes - I had 6/21 affected. I too am baffled. The NICE guidelines I have read recently say rads shouldnt be offered if lymph nodes have been removed. Rads is just another risk for lymphoedema. More treatment more risks as well of side effects. While its good they offer everything it would still be nice to be told the reasoning behind it I feel. Maybe you could ask?


I am currently having radiotherapy after mastectomy and chemo (also on hormone therapy). As far as i am aware main reason is margins were microscopic and 19/23 lymph nodes infected. I am having three zaps one to front of chest, one to side and one to neck.

I feel like i am being zapped with everything going though. I already have lymphoedema, having all the nodes removed made sure of that, but its under control, i have a sleeve and am having regular lymphatic drainage massages.

In view of my histology, i am quite prepared to have everything thrown at me.