Can anyone who had lymph nodes involved give me hope?

I have 2 lymph nodes involved after chemotherapy …another 3 show scarring. Are there any long term survivors who had lymph nodes involved that are doing OK?
(I have herceptin til next August and tamoxifen )

Hi Emma,
I can’t give you any info on the longer term situation but I also have 2/2 nodes involved so far and waiting for results of scans etc to see how far it has got. In the meantime started the chemo 11 days ago. So happy to be a shoulder to cry on or just there is you need to talk, rant etc. Take care and remember we are all in this together. The love friendship and support I have had on this forum has been amazing, probably as they understand what we are going through better than anyone else could.
Take care X
Fiona x

Hi Emma


I’m not sure whether this is what you mean by long-term but it is about two and a half years since my diagnosis. I had approximately half of my lymph nodes removed. I am not only feeling okay but I have a greater appreciation of life in general. I can’t speak on behalf of any other ladies because every case is different but at the moment I have plenty of energy, I am not in pain and I have not developed lymphoedema. I take an Anastrozole tablet every day. Immmediately after you have been diagnosed, at the very beginning of your treatment and then if you have had an operation plus chemotherapy and radiotherapy (I had all three by the way) it is entirely natural to worry about what the future may hold and I know that it isn’t always easy but try not to dwell too much on the ‘what ifs’ and just take each day at a time. I hope that this may have put your mind at rest a little.

Hi Emma,
It’s been 5 years now since I was diagnosed, I had 22 lymph nodes removed, 1 was infected when removed 2 to begin with, weren’t to sure if anymore so the other 18 went had 1 more infected, got 6 chemo, 3 fec and 3 docetaxel, 5 weeks of radiotherapy, 1 year of herceptin and now 10 years of tamoxifen, I have not long reached the 5 year mark, doing good at the moment, just apart from feeling tired at times and as day goes on stiff joints in my legs, I have put about a stone and half on, joined a gym mostly use it for the pool, jacuzzi. Oh and will say still get the odd hot flushes, was really bad at beginning with those but did notice after about 3 years being on them they get less. I hope this helps you a bit, you do worry less as the years go on but it’s always in the back of your mind. The nurses and doctors were fantastic when I was there.x

Hi Emma, expect you are feelng better now? Hopefully…I had 10/12 lymph nodes cancerous in 2001…also local cancer spread around the nodes… Had a raft of treatment…and am still plodding on…hope that helpsxx


Hi can I ask what you meant by the local cancer around ?
Mine has gone to lymph in neck and clavicle, is that what you meant? I’m feeling scared so would love speak with people with same. Thanks xx

Hi I’m HER2 positive to so on herceptrin. Just had my 6 th chemo on Wednesday and seeing surgeon on Monday to discuss surgery of breast and axilla. On uss my axilla showed many affected nodes. A biopsy of one taken then confirmed it. I am glad chemo is finishing but like you scared about the future. Xx

Hi LB,
Welcome to the forum, altbough sorry you find yourself here. It may be worth looking at the ‘going through treatment’ thread, where there are others going through the stage of treatment you’re at.
Also do go to the ’ ask the nurses’ section or call the helpline here if you need further information & support
ann x

Emma darlin
Had ALL lymph nodes removed with both mastectomies 2006 and 2007, and am physically doing more than okay. Only ever had one hiccup - referred recently to in Going Through treatment/Lymphoedema/Scared of getting Lymphoedema, to save me repeating it all. But acted IMMEDIATELY. Helps that I have a medical background, so know more than the average person about infection and the bodily processes. Just take good care of your arms, be particularly careful to AVOID ANYthing to cause a “break” in the skin, but if it DOES happen - treat it IMMEDIATELY. Can’t stress that enough. But I’m a “no node” woman, which is vastly different to a “still has some nodes” woman. But, to use one of my favourite words on this Forum, always be VIGILANT.
Just take care all of you.
Love to everyone
Delly xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Emma, I currently have 2/2 lymph nodes affected which were discovered at mx (ultrasound looked normal). I am having ANC after chemo and have similar worries about residual disease. I’m trying to stay positive though. I can’t change what I’ve got but I do have a good treatment plan in place and my nodes will be removed. I guess my worry will then move on to lymphoedema. One step at a time…
Jo xx