can I ask for Emend drug

hi looking at alot of posts from ladies having chemo many have said Emend was a very good anti sickness tablet. Can I ask for this I dont want to ruffle anyones feathers. I am sumising that other meds may work just as well and you have to try these first . Is Emend expensive ? I am just getting a bit nervous now x

Hi Venice, they will give you standard sickness meds which work for most people, if these don’t work then you can discuss other options with your team before the next cycle, I know it’s hard but try not to second guess the SEs that you will have, lots of people don’t suffer from sickness or other SEs, I have a cupboard of unused stuff that I bought in preparation and haven’t needed! Good luck with it xx

hi Zuzy thanks for your advice yes i am doing exactly that just getting very nervous will suck it and see and hope for the best Gill x

Hi Venice,

It’s only natural to be nervous, everyone is at your stage of treatment. It is fear of the unknown. Not everyone is sick on chemo, and not all chemo drugs make you sick. Have you been given your chemo regime yet? If not, wait and see what it is before getting into a panic about potential sickness. Easy to say, I know. I was also very worried about it and I did ask my oncologist about Emend at my first meeting with him. He explained why I would not be getting it for my first cycle. Emend is rarely given automatically partly because most people do not need it, and partly because it comes with side effects of its own. It is also expensive, but should you need it, you will get it.

You will automatically be given steroids to help with sickness, and will also be given a shot of anti-sickness meds at the same time as your chemo, then you will be given some tablets to take home with you. If these don’t work for you, you can then ask for something stronger.

I have recently finished my 6 cycles and haven’t been sick once, and haven’t taken a single anti-sickness drug. The packet I was given on cycle 1 is still in my cupboard, unopened.


Hi Lola thankyou for your advice like Zuzy says I think I am 2nd guessing everything at present due to fear and nervousness. No date yet for chemo i was told mid August am trying not to get bogged down with too many details and be calm i have been told 6 x FEC is this the regime Gill x

My view is ask for Emend if this is something which will make you feel less nervous about the whole thing. When I had my consultation initally my onc asked me what if anything I was most worried about and I said straight away that I couldn’t cope with feeling sick. I am totally pathetic and readily admit to this. She said she would guarantee that I wouldn’t feel sick and she would give me enough anti-sickness.
I was on Emend, plus 3 others plus the general Domperidone and I took them religiously as directed. I didn’t wait to feel slightly nauseous or anything.
Would I have felt sick without them - who knows but I certainly wasn’t prepared to take the risk. As I was having chemo every 2 weeks, not 3 I didn’t get much recovery time either.
Pure and simple, they try to discourage Emend on the NHS because it is expensive. Same with Neulasta jabs whilst on Tax for the bone pain. These come in at £1000 each. I had my treatment privately and Bupa were billed £500 for my Emend tablets for eash session.
But if you ask for it you should get it. Remember, it is all about getting through the chemo. You don’t get extra medals for copying without and trying to be a hero. And don’t worry about ruffling feathers, at the end of the day you are going through it, not the nurses - they don’t know what it is like unless they have been through it themselves.

I would definetly ask for Emend, in many chemo centres it is given first line as the gold standard for nausea. As others have said some hospitals find it expensive, but has shown in studies that it is cost affective as reduces hospital admissions which are far more expensive. So Venice 25 go for it. Also if you had bad morning sickness during pregnancy they should also use it as first line.
Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi…I finished chemo 17 months ago…I had the regular anti sickness pills for my first cycle but was quite ill…you probably don’t want to hear that but…for the next 5 treatments I was given Emend…it’s the most expensive I think and my onc’s attitude was that it was less expensive than having me in hossie for 3 days and all the various treatments…some ladies are not sick at all but I am a queasy b****r at the best of times so I didn’t stand a chance really!!!..

PS…as Philomena says…if you suffered bad morning sickness then mention this as I was hospitalised during my pregnancy with my daughter…albeit 34 yrs ago…the onc said the two go hand in hand as morn sickness is hormones as well…good luck…don’t be afraid…it’s no walk in the park but it is doable…apple

I agree with SamLee, ask for everything if it helps. I was very lucky and was offered Emend at the start, I didn’t have to ask. I took this and all the other medication as directed and I wasn’t sick once. If you do get sick then they will give you somehting else instead so make sure you tell them of any side effects, not just nausea, as there will be something to help. Good luck xx

Hi - I finished my chemo 14 months ago and like you was anxious about the sickness (vomiting phobia) so I talked to my onc about Emend. He said he’d never heard of it but assured me I would get good anti-sickness meds. I did have bouts of feeling sick but I never actually was - I took my meds whether I needed them or not - just in case!!
Best of luck!
Jan x.

HI, I was told couldn’t have Emend(generic name Aprepitant)first cycle but was determined to get it as didn’t want the worry of sickness as am a real baby where thats concerned…I asked my GP for it & to my surprise she prescribed it for me…it definitely took the worry away for me…also if you’re at all nervous ask for a Lorazepam tablet to take just before chemo, it really calms you down & according to my ONC it helps with nausea too…Good luck…xx

hi thank you all for your replies lots of good advice i did have morning sickness fairly bad so i will make sure i do mention this. Trying to keep calm and not get too anxious thanks for all your good wishes, unfortunately you will be hearing from me quite alot as i am a real worry wart love Gill x

I am going to mention this for my 2nd cycle as i had nausea for over a week and it was awful, i was at the stage of not going again, i ended up going back to hosp and sitting around for ages and was then given more anti sickness pills but they wernt emend think they were cyclixine 50mg, i still feel slightly nauseous and im on day 10 now
julie xxx