Can I do a joke?

A Southampton girl, down on her luck, decided to end it all one
>>night by casting herself into the cold, dark waters off the quay.
>>As she stood on the edge, pondering the infinite, a sailor noticed
>>her as he strolled by.
>‘You’re not thinking of jumping, are you babes?’ he asked.
>‘Yes, I am.’ replied the sobbing girl. Putting his arm around her,
>the kind sailor coaxed her back from the edge. ‘Look, nothing’s
>worth that. I’ll tell you what; I’m sailing off for America
>tomorrow. Why don’t you stow away on board and start a new life over
>I’ll set you up in one of the lifeboats on the deck, bring you food
>and water every night and I’ll look after you if you look after me -
>if you know what I mean. You just have to keep very quiet so that
>you won’t be found’.
>The girl, having no better prospects, agreed, and the sailor sneaked
>her on board that very night. For the next three weeks the sailor
>came to her lifeboat every night, bringing food and water, and
>making love to her until dawn.
>Then, during the fourth week, the captain was performing a routine
>inspection of the ship and its lifeboats.
>He peeled back the cover to find the startled young woman, and
>demanded an explanation.
>The girl came clean, ‘I’ve stowed away to get to America. One of the
>sailors is helping me out. He set me up in here and brings me food
>and water every night and he’s scr**wing me.’
>>The puzzled captain stared at her for a moment before a grin
>>cracked his face and he replied, ‘He certainly is pet. This is the
>>Isle of Wight Car Ferry!’

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Brilliant - my response will be on Chit Chat & Fun shortly …

Lovely joke Norma,

I really need it at the moment, I feel c***p after TAX, reacted badly and I have just recovered from hallucinations!

Blimey Carol

Have they taken you off TAX?

Norma xx