Can I have my hair back now please???!!!

Oh how I miss my hair!!!

Although I am totally used to my little white baldie egg head now I am sooooooooo over being bald. Enough already!!! Can I have it back now please??

Losing my hair after epi 2 was horrid but I soon adjusted and life initially as a baldie was great. What a novelty, not needing a million electical appliances to get myself ready. (Steady, no rudies intended!!!) No hairdryer, no straighteners, no curling tongs… No spending a small fortune on hair care products and hair cuts and colours. Oh how libertating!!

Everybody lying to me how ‘you suit a bald head’ or ‘you’ve got the perfect shaped head for a bald head’ or ‘you’ve got really pretty features so you are one of the few people who can get away with a bald head’…

Anyway, I’m bored now!! I’m so envious of people with hair. I find myself staring longingly at my boyfriend’s hair, and its only short!!!

Oh, how I long for the day when I can once again run my fingers through my hair, or have a hissy fit cause my hair won’t go right!!

When will it come back??? I have only just finished 1 full cycle of CMF, so that makes me reaaaallllllyyyy impatient I reckon!!

I don’t care though so please come back my lovely hair, all is forgiven!!! Pretty please!!!

Know exactly how you are feeling but, believe me, it WILL come back and if you’re lucky like me (and I’m much older than you at 56), it will be better than it was before. I finished chemo nearly three years ago now and everyone comments on what good condition my hair is in PLUS an added bonus for me, NO grey ones!!! So hang on in there Kelly, I’m sure before long you’ll be needing all that electrical equipment again and your crowning glory will once again be restored.

Take care…

Jo x

Hi Princess

I know what you mean.
I lost my hair in march this year and am starting to get really fed up now of still having to cover it up(i am not brave enough to even show my hubby!!!)

It is great how you can get up in a morning and not have to do anything, but at the mo I would give anything to have it back.

I look everyday as I finished my last FEC on 26th of June and feel like i am expecting miracles, but realise how long it will take to get to even a length to do anything with.

I was told by my onc that I should have a covering by xmas!!!

I lost it just about everywhere, but managed to keep my eyebrows and lashes, and of all places my legs???

I have waxed them for years and they were ready for doing just before my first chemo, and thought I wont pay to have them waxed as they will probably fall out anyway. NO SUCH LUCK!!! I LOOK LIKE A GORILLA NOW…

Don’t you wish it would come back as quickly as it comes out???

Take care


Hi Princess, Angie and Jo

Oh I feel for you! Can’t now believe I was so stressed in hospital for surgery and so dying to wash my hair! Almost wish I had lost it beforehand now. But there you go. Join the rest of us egg heads. Was great last week when I finally chopped it off and have months to go before any hope of a re-sighting. Ho hum. My husband says I look like a French collaborator - showing our age here, but watch too many films! (i’m 55 but did love my hair). I have to show him daily in the morning once I have cleared the shower of what is just slights tufts left, butenough to block the drain big time. The only good thing here is that the under arm hair in the affected arm pit has also gone. Yippee! Going bald in other wieid areas too, but eyebrows hanging on for the time being. Is this character building? One side of A4 only!

Lots of love and everyone says it will come back. Mate of mine who went through this years ago says thick, bark and curly… and that is just the eyebrows. AARGH!



Hi Kelly,

Don’t fret, you’ll have a full head of hair before you know it! I had my last Epirubicin on 20th September last year and had enough hair to go scarf free by Christmas. I’ve just had my 4th haircut and 2nd lot of highlights and my hair style does look like Victoria Beckhams. I must warn you though as my hair grew in I started to have some real bad hair days and took up a new hobby of researching and buying hair products. Mousse, gel, wax, fudge, hairspray, brylcreme; nothing was left untouched. I asked everyone, even girls in the street with short hair, what they used. It was growing in a strange direction you see; my hair was growing up and out, not down. It looked like some kind of straight afro. My husband said it looked like a toilet brush. I thought it resembled a microphone. I still look real bad in the mornings but hey I’ve got hair and so will you before you know it. I know exactly how you feel when you talk about people saying, ‘Oh you’ve got a lovely shaped head’, ‘Oh what a perfect hairline’, ‘Such a pretty face to be bald’ What???

Anyway good luck with the hair growing; you’ll have the hairdryer, straighteners and everything else back out before you know it!

Carla x

Hi Carla

Posting at the same time. You did make me giggle. Straight up happens! looked like Daffy Duck myself for a couple of days. Bless you. So glad yours is on the way. Can’t wait to join you in 2008 in my case.

Much love



Good luck with the hair growing Dilys. You need to laugh don’t you, it sure helps!

Hi there Carla

You are so right. Without a wicked sense of humour, where would we be? I am hoping for mine back next Feb for my birthday. Till then I do a great line in turbans and a wig (when not windy like now) which I am going to get some luckless hairdresser to copy!

Love and sleep tight. Speak again I am sure. I’m a bit hyper now after FEC2 but will go to bed soon.


Hi All

I keep thinking if I take my scarf/wig off and put my glasses on I could pass for “Derek” off the Catherine Tate show!!! HOW VERY DARE YOU???

I Hope you all know what I mean?

My little girl Katie (Age 7) tells me I don’t look like a man!!!

Indeed, laughing has helped me through this a great deal. I got a wig but never ever wore it; I too used to worry that it may blow off in the wind and I saw some really dodgy ones at the chemo ward. I used to think I was wig phobic!!! But hey, having a perfect hairline, lovely shaped head and a pretty face saw me alright in the baldy head and headscarves department!!!

Oh dear are you on the steroid hyperness? I remember it well. Thank goodness for internet at 3am when on the steroids eh? I’m pretty awake this evening having just been to my first exercise class since before my diagnosis. Am only 31 and had been feeling about 91 with my dodgy knees and weight gain from the hormone therapy. Managed to last the full hour though without keeling over and embarassing myself so am feeling very pleased with myself.

Away now to watch Still Game - would thoroughly recommend watching it for a good laugh - BBC2 10pm (might just be on Scottish BBC though).

Sorry Kelly, we seem to have hijacked your thread!!!

Carla x

Hi girls,
I have had a ‘down’ week all week as I start my first chemo next Tues - but after reading this thread I can honestly say I have not laughed so much in ages.
I too am dreading joining ‘the egg heads’ (no offence), my husband regularly shaves his head (in sympathy he says - funny that, he has been doing it for years - shaving that is). He has offered to shave mine in anticipation - hope this is not a new fetish of his!!!
I go for my wig fitting tomorrow which I think may be emotional - like everything else at the moment.
But thank you ladies for giving me a good ‘laugh out loud’ moment,
sending lol,
Tracy xx

Oh, Angie - you hit the nail on the head(!) with your comment about glasses, bald head and Derek from Catherine Tate. I caught myself in the mirror like that and that was exactly what I thought. Aaaaargh

It still catches me by surprise when I see myself without hair. Fortunately I am not letting it get me down - but am looking forward to it growing back and experimenting with new styles. How many people can say they have the opportunity to start from scratch.

Sharon x

Hello everyone

I finished chemo on 1st May this year and have a covering of VERY short hair. It’s all different lengths as some bits started during chemo and some started only a couple of weeks ago. I’m just going into the phase that Carla describes - I haven’t bought many products yet but spend hours looking at products in the shops - sprays, mousses, fudge, wax etc. It’s growing back a mixture of white and black so last week I put a gentle water colour on it and it’s now rather a nice blonde. But I was still feeling frustrated because it’s so short and boring so today bought some gold glitter spray (which will wash out I’m happy to say). So right now I look like a Christmas Tree !

Good luck everyone
Anthi x

Hiya Princess

Oh, how you made me laugh! I had my last Epi on 18th April and my hair is now about 1inch short (and mainly black and white), so hang in there girl, it’ll be back.
Glad I made you chuckle re my cold sore - how the hell it got there I’ll never know (brings a whole new meaning to ‘kiss my a**e’). I’ll be the talk of that chemist for months - oh the shame!

Tons of love

Julie xxx

I haven’t lost quite enough to be wearing my wig yet, but OH says when I put it on I look like Marjory from Fat Fighters and can he have a …

I seriously worry about him…


And if you are unlucky like me it will never grow back ! in fact the last time i was at my normal gp i said to him about it and he said he had known several people where their hair had never grown back (different chemo than taxatere) so its more common than i first thought!

Oh ladies,

your replies to my post have made me chuckle soooooo much! I’m picturing the straight afro, the derek lookie likies, the glittery christams tree…

Its great how we can see the humour in the whole hair loss issue. I really hope these posts are helpful to those who haven’t yet joined the ‘bald brigade’. As distressing as hair loss may be at least we can all laugh at it (or rather ourselves!!).

So, I guess I shall just have to be a little more patient. I wonder, will I be a ‘straight afro’ or perhaps a ‘toilet brush’ or maybe even ‘daffy duck’??? Only time will tell… WATCH THIS SPACE!!


Hello Pineapple,

Can i just ask what chemo you were on as i finished my last Epi on the 4th July and still can’t see any hair growt at the moment and am getting VERY worried it will not grow back. I have a “splattering” of sparse hair over my head that never fell out when i was on the Epi, but i can’t see no new growth between this. Do you think it would be wise to shave this hair off, or leave well alone?
I hope you did’t mind me asking these questions.

yours worried Candy.

All you comments have made me smile.
I am going to get my first chemo on Monday, have had wig fittings, bought hats and bandanas - and making lots of jokes about going ‘bald’ but god I know I am not going to be laughing when it actually happens!!! - Like everyone I am so dreading it and cant imagine it.
My friends to have said ‘oh but you have such a pretty face’ etc - ‘you will carry it off fine’ - easy for them to say!!!
And as I am learning from all your comments - even when it does start to grow in - it will be all different lenghts and colours!!! - My only hope it that it will grow back poker straight (at the mo it is curly - I can live in hope).
Wishing you all the very best and NOT looking forward to joining the ‘baldy club’
Love and hugs to all

Dear Fiona

Hey - mine is straight and I want it back curly! Can we do a deal here? It is vile while it is happenng but you will know when the time is right for you to take the scissrs and shaver to it. After that you can but laugh! Talking to the nurse doing my chemo ysterday sdenly realised that I was SO glad that noone ever prretended that there was any chance of keeping it. It would have been worse to live in hope only to be disappointed. One thing - on a US website I found a dinky frings that you velcro in to a turban, scarf or hat which does make it feel more of a fashion statement than a necessity. I’ll post the link if you like but am sure you can get something like it here as well.

No one has yet called me pretty or admired my scalp! Boo hiss!

Lots of love and keep smiling