can i insist on mri on first annual check-up?



I am due my first annual check up in a couple of weeks and really feel that I should have an mri as part of this. I mentioned this to my surgeon last year and he said no it wasn’t standard practice.


I originally had a lump under my nipple with discharge. Mammogram and ultrasound picked up nothing. It was only when I had a microduchetomy that lobular bc was dx. My point about the mri is that mammogram and ultrasound often don’t pick up lobular and this type of cancer often appears in the other breast. So mri is essential in my opinion in order to detect potential lobular  bc. 


Has anyone else had mri as part of their annual check up?


Thank you.



research has shown that there is little benefit routine scanning, even with cancers that dont show on mammograms, unless there are symptoms. It may be worrying but I think it is normal practice.

I really understand where you are coming from. My breast cancer did not show up on mammogram, It did however show up on ultrasound and I had an MRI to see if anything else was lurking.

I would really like ultrasound screening but this has not been offered. I will request it at my next appointment.

I think there is trouble accessing MRI scans and there is a priority system.

I’ve also heard that MRI’s can lead to unneccessary further treatments/procedures.

Good luck pursuing screening privately. It’ll be worth it if it gives you peace of mind.

My cancer was 20mm -so medium sized and was palpable. It was a run of the mill ductal cancer so would’ve expected it to show. I think it might’ve been down to the type of breast tissue I have (More dense???) I have medium/small breasts so would’ve thought a 20mm lump would show.