Can I join your gang???

Hi all,

Well thats chemo over so onwards and upwards now!! So, what I wanna know is can I join the rads gang now?? I know I’m not starting them for 3 weeks but I have my planning session next thurs. Does that qualify me to join your gang? Oh I do hope so!

Take care,


Hi Kelly

I to am awaiting rads, havn’t even got my planning date yet, have to do more exercises for my arm yet as I have now got cording in it, so yes I suppose we can now join the gang

Take Care


Come and join us - radiotherapy is ok!

Hi Kelly
You’ll be glad chemos over! I’m just finishing my last cycle of Xeloda tablets and have my rads planning on 22 Oct and start on 12 Nov for 5 and half weeks with the last session, can you believe being on Boxing Day!!
Looking forward to this being over!

Best wishes.


I had my rads planning today with the first session of 30 next week. So I reckon I’m one of the gang now too!

Anne x

Hey Kelly,

you are finally here with the rads gang! what a releif to get the chemo out the way. rads is not as bad, although I have to say i have felt a bit tired and achy sometimes. i have been reassured this is normal and is the bodys way of getting the chemo out of the system mixed with rads. It is a bit annoying to be goininig everyday for a 10 minute session. the whole procedure is painless, the machine moves around you and make funny noises. I have also een applying aqueous cream about 3 times a day and after treatment. its great knowing that the end of the tunnel is near. Hope you well.

Nadia xx

Do you wanna be in our gang, our gang, our gang, do you wanna be in our gang oh yeaaahhh

Rads is soooo easy (other than the travelling daily!!!) you lay on a bed and don’t feel a thing - I’m so glad that the area is now red (had 9 out of 15) and feeling a little sore as without that I’d be thinking that I’m part of an experiment and they’re not doing anything as you dont feel anything when the machine is going!!! The main thing is that being daily they go so fast!!!

I still have the two tattooed dots (I asked for a rose and a fish but they knew I was joking) given to me at Addenbrookes in 2000. The Institut Curie, Paris, in 2006, laughed at these marks and then proceeded to cover my chest (or what remained of it) with a myriad of heiroglyphics in red and green felt-tip - circles with crosses inside, arrows, dotted lines. Then covered each with SELLOTAPE. I had to devise strange ways of bathing and showers were out for five weeks. At the end of the sessions, I peeled off each one and stuck them in my diary.
Yes, the daily travel would have been the worst aspect - into and out of Paris, usually in the Rush Hour, could take anything from one hour to four hours! BUT I fell upon the loveliest taxi driver and we have become firm friends. He is Lenanese and I have met his beautiful wife and adorable baby. Edmond knew exactly when to chat and when to leave me to “recover” in silence. And so courteous and caring.
Best wishes for all who are launching themselves into this part of the ROAD to RECOVERY

I wonder if they know we’re all sitting here thinking up weird tattoos to ask for…

Think when my turn comes I’ll ask for a map of New Zealand.


I am a newbie rad on Monday, but am worried they wont find my tattoos, I can only see 2 and I know she did more!! Oh’ and I asked for a sea-horse

Norma x

Hi ladies,

thank you so much for welcoming me into your gang! I can’t believe I’m starting rads shortly, I feel like I’ve had a promotion!!! Shame I don’t get a pay rise with it!

I look forward to having a good ‘natter’ with you all. I’ll no doubt be back to pester you once I’ve had my planning session on thurs!!

Take care all,


Hi “rads gang”

I guess I’m applying for membership too! Having my rads planning session on Wed. Think I’ll ask for a tiger!! Grrrr!!

Good luck to u all

Hi! all— Please can I join your gang, I have just had all my appoinments for Rads–
Not a very happy bunny— I thought I would be finished for Christmas my last appoinment is
26-12-07 at 10’oclock in the morning- wish they could have squeezed me in a day earlier at the start.
Will just have to grin and bare what’s another day. Jeanxxx

Hi All

Have just received my planning appointment for 29th October, so no doubt I shall be prodded and poked and tatooed when I come out. Think I’ll ask for a fairy godmother, to take all this nasty bc away.


Can I join, too? My planning session is at Addenbrookes, on 1st November. Bit nervous, to say the least!

good luck princess, I was dreading the daily trek to the hospitl for rads but it went surprisingly quickly. I tended to see the same folk waiting as there was always about a half hour wait and after three weeks felt like I was greeting old friends. Take care love Eileen

Hi All

Off in about an hour for my planning, feeling quite scared as whole area is still very sore, although I have been told rads can’t start for six weeks post op and I am only four. Let you know how I am later


Hi all,

thanks for your responses, starting next mon and feeling quite nervous about it!

Heather - I know I’ve missed you now but I hope the planning session goes well today. I was quite anxious when I went for mine but soon found there was really no need. Do let us know how you get on.

LynB1 - Wishing you well for your forthcming planning session. Hopefully it will be as hassle free as mine was. Be sure to let us know how you get on.

Eileen - Many thanks for your best wishes, much appreciated.

Take care all,


Hi Ladies,

Can you tell me how soon after chemo, you were called for rads?

Maggie x

When I had rads I stuck a temp tattoo (washes off) of cupid shooting an arrow at the tattoo spot on my side. The Rad nurses were very taken with it and wanted to take a photo of it. I agreed as long as my face wasn’t on the picture…well you never know who may see it in the future…possible blackmail or kiss and tell stuff!!!