Can I use the Swimming Pool?

Can I use the Swimming Pool?

Can I use the Swimming Pool? Hi ladies

Just wondered if anyone can help me out.

I am 4 weeks post surgery from a right mastecomy. I had no reconstruction.

Does anyone know if I should use the swimming pool as I go on a weeks holiday on Monday before my chemo.

love from

yes I did I went swimming 4 weeks post surgery I got told that if the scar has healed properly then it is ok. You should check with someone medical first to be on the safe side. Hope you enjoy your holiday. I have just had a mastectomy this Monday and was out on Tuesday. I did have surgery (lumpectomy and node clearance) in dec last year. Love Catriona xxx

I haven’t had a mastectomy but a WLE, and I was told that it was ok to swim after 4 weeks as long as the wound was healed. I hope you have a lovely holiday.


Hi Catriona

Thanks for your advice, I did phone up and was told exactly what you said, that it was fine as long as there were no open wounds.

I am sorry you have had to have two operations and do hope that you are feeling okay. Mine is still quite sore and my arm movements are more restricted than I thought they would be at this stage, but these things take time, I am just too impatient!!!

Am off to Weymouth tomorrow and looking forward to a change of scenery.

Thank you once again and I sincerely wish you well.

love Pauline

Hi Pauline I may be too late, you are probably on holiday - I am always late…just to say that you will be fine swimming with the new mastectomy. I live in SA and have a pool and was swimming straight away after my mastectomy, then the recon and then the 2nd recon when the 1st recon went wrong! It is marvellous exercise and will help with the arm and the movement, the next exercise you can have. Just keep that arm moving and you will be just fine.

Good luck and hope you are having (or will have) a smashing holiday. Love Roz xx

I see it is Monday you are on holiday… Where are you going? Love Roz xx