can i wear pyjamas with sleeves/ any other advice

hi everybody
I am due surgery next week i am having a WLE and lymph node removal, i have been told about drains , so will i need to have no sleeves or can i take pyjamas with short sleeves and any other advice what to expect will be great
love galen x

Hi Galen

I had the same as you are going to have. I wore button up pyjamas (for easy access for examination) which had long sleeves. It wasn’t a problem with the drains and bags. I’d advise you go for a size bigger as you will be swollen so will want to have room to button up

Good luck
Sharon x

i had this op and no drains have you been told you will have a drain… i could have gone home same day but as paid for private room stayed i over night so only wore the fab nightgown they provide.
good luck

hi julie
i am having full lymph clearance apparently, my bc nurse told me yesterday i will have drains, did you have lymph removed ?
i am seeing my specialist in the morning
galen x

Hi Galen
I had WLE and node clearance in August. I had a drain under my breast for a couple of days, and one under my armpit for six days. I wore loose vest tops and pj bottoms. The ward was hot so I didn’t want long sleeves, and with a bit of help I could take the top off easily so I could have a shallow bath. I found it strange having to carry the drainage bottles full of gunge around in a carrier bag, but soon got used to it. I had to stay in for six days - until the underarm drain was removed and I have full movement in my arm now, with just a small patch of numbness in my armpit.
Wishing you well with your op -
Tracey x

Just to add more…I came out of hospital yesterday. Had mastectomy and aux clearance last thursday. Have two drains in side still. Lovely sparkly blue bag beside bed. I made a mistake by taking some pjs that were too small. Very large comfy t-shirts were best and loose button front pjs. Had a lovely pink silky number but kept sliding down the bed so had to change!!! Take lip balm!!! Someone told me having the drains taken out was the worst part - is that true?
Good luck. It is all very easy to cope with. Don’t be nervous.
Liane xx

Hi Liane

I had same as you last Tuesday - had first drain removed on the Thursday and second one removed on discharge from hospital on Sunday. I wouldn’t say their removal is the worst part - it was just a bit ‘uncomfortable’ as you can feel it sliding out! My BN just told me to breath deeply and count the breaths then said ‘right, in next 2 breaths it’ll be coming out’ - as I say it was just uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Drain from chest though shorter than armpit one was the most uncomfortable to remove - but I have to say it was a different nurse who did that one and didn’t have quite the same technique as my BN !

Hope you get through it

Margaret x