Can radiotherapy affect your immune system

I finished rads last week 15 plus 5 boosters. I got through treatment relatively unscathed but now I have been floored by a bug (flu) ?? Normally I would be struggling on through this sort of illness and I have certainly coped with worse since diagnosis last summer, but wondered if the radiotherapy could have affected my immune system - I guess 4 weeks travelling on public transport and in hospital waiting areas could have picked up all sorts

Oh dear i hope you feel better soon, i wish i had seen this post before i saw my rads dr today i would of asked the question and got an answer for you, 

take care

Deelush x x

Hi Dollie

I had the same as you three years ago - 15 + 5 boosters. Yes, my immune system was knocked out for about a year. I got all sorts - colds and stomach upsets, and when I got shingles about 3 months later, I’d been feeling so under the weather that I didn’t notice I had it for a couple of days!! I can’t blame chemo for this, because I didn’t have it, so it must have been the rads. Anyway, now I have to say that my immune system  has never been better. It’s just a matter of time, really. I hope you’ll soon be feeling well.

You might want to mention it to your GP and have some blood tests. I thought I just had radio fatigue but turned after feeling v lightheaded, dizzy and nautious I found I had lost nearly all my iron in a few months since pre op tests and was rather mega anaemic. Had been eating ok so no idea if it was treatment, heavy periods or side effects of medication (I took tramadol briefly after op - there’s been some research re possible link to anaemia).
Hope your flu bug is passing.