Can someone reassure me and offer some advice?



I have a breast clinic appointment tomorrow morning and am in desperate need of some advice.


Brief back story: I noticed a lump/thickening in my right breast back when I started to breastfeed (12 months ago).  I thought that it was a blocked duct or something similar (I had mastitis in the other breast), except that it never hurt and never dissipated.  I assumed that it would go away when I stopped breastfeeding.  It didn’t.  4 months after stopping breastfeeding, I eventually got around to seeing the GP about it.  I expected the GP to have a quick feel and send me on my way, perhaps telling me to return in a few months if it was still there.  She said that she didn’t know what it was, and that she would be referring me to the breast clinic under the emergency route.  I now know that this is standard practice and not a cause for concern.  I also know that the vast majority of lumps are benign, especially for younger women (I’m 33), and having breastfed recently there are a multitude of possible explanations for my lump.  So my rational side knows that I have very little to worry about as it will almost certainly all be fine!


Now that the appointment is tomorrow, I’m starting to panic a little about my lack of preparation for it.  I don’t really know what is going to happen or how I’ll feel afterwards.  I’ve read the leaflet and know what could happen, but I hadn’t really thought about the implications of the possible procedures.  For example, if there is a need for a biopsy, could someone let me know how painful this is likely to be afterwards?  I have a 12 month old baby and need to know ASAP if I won’t be able to carry/lift her as I’ll need to make some emergency arrangements in that case.  Can I drive to/from the appointment, or is there a possibility my right arm could be slightly numb?  As the outcome is very likely to be benign, I don’t have anyone coming with me and I’ve only told my partner.  Am I being foolhardy not having anyone come with me (or will they not know if it is something nasty during this appointment anyway)?


My apologies for the length of this message, and for all of the questions.  It has just started to dawn on me that I am not at all well informed, and that this is happening tomorrow!  I don’t want to google things as I suspect that will only start freaking me out…


Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Hello elliesmum

Im no expert as new here myself but if I can help as I totally understand all your thoughts, last week I had my breast clinic appointment, (I’m 41) unlike you I wasn’t prepared and just thought I would be examined so having an ultra sound and then 6 core biopsies in both breasts was a shock.

I went on my own and drove myself, I guess the numbness in the arm depends where the biopsies are the one on my right was close to my armpit but I had not problem. You don’t feel pain as the Novocain they inject works like magic only tugging during procedure so it’s ok and I practised my yoga breathing ?
I had a cup of tea after as I was in shock as I was only expecting to see a doctor ??‍♀️and then drove myself home .
Pain wasn’t really there the next day although was surprised at the amount of bleeding through the dressing but after a day it settled down and I was totally back to normal apart from sporting a technicolour pair of breast (the bruising)

So I’m all seriousness nothing to freak out about as even I got through it ?

Good luck
Ps today I am freaking out as I had a phone all at 10:50 this morning saying consultant wants to see me today at 18:30 I’m currently counting the hours ?

Just to add to what Gemma has said, Elliesmum, what usually happens is you’ll be seen by the Dr, who will examine you, then do an ultrsound of the area. A mammogram maybe done as well.

If it’s clear what it is, then they’ll tell you then, if it’s not clear, then they will do a biopsy, but it doesn’t mean it is bc if that happens, it’s just that they will get to the bottom of it before letting you go.

If a biopsy is needed, then an appointment maybe given for a week or two’s time for the results. So if this does happen, ensure you’re clear about the follow-up arrangements for this.

Don’t worry about the biopsy. If you have one, there might be a bit of bruising afterwards, that’s all, no numb arms or anything like that.

Let us know how you get on.

ann x

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Thanks for sharing your experience, EM & it’s good to see you feel reassured by it all.
At least when you’re through this, it does feel better to know that they have been thorough.
Nothing more you can do now, so carrying on as normal & keeping busy can help when waiting for the results.
ann x