Can’t make a decision about treatment

This is my first post. I had a 17mm ER8, PR8 grade 1 invasive ducal carcinoma plus DCIS. It was removed with a good margin and no lymph involvement. I had a massive haemotoma so a further op to remove it followed by 5 weeks of near daily trips to hospital for wound packing. Ive been recommended radiotherapy plus tamoxifen. I also have a rare endocrine condition which means I can’t go out alone as I have suddenly crashing calcium levels which is life threatening. I don’t know how I’ll cope on either treatment, I live in the edge as it is. Doctors don’t know how I’ll react. Has anyone else with a rare condition been through this? xx

Plus I’ve had a mega dose of radiation when I had thyroid cancer in 1992 which may be linked to the breast cancer

Hi Skylark, I can’t offer you any direct feedback but just wanted to say that I am also feeling quite nervous about all of the treatment to come - and I don’t have other life changing conditions to worry about! It’s so difficult to know and the long list of side affects doesn;t help. I hope you have found someone to talk it through with who can help xxx

Oh man, you’ve got so much to deal with xxxx

From the BC side of things, I’m pretty much the same as you. I only have to deal with the rads and Tamoxifen and that all seems ok at the mo.

I have no words of advice I’m afraid, but hopefully someone will see your post and offer an insight for you.

T.C x