can u have breast cancer at 26?

im 26 and found a lump on my right breast near nipple on monday. went to gp this morning he didnt seem worried by it and only refered me to breast clinic as 2 of my aunts died of breast cancer. I have been feeling extremely tired for about 2 months bloods came back clear. I have left shoulder and back pain and mh left arm feels weak. I also have a 1 cm lump on left breast that I had biopsied while pregnant 3and half years ago which I was told was benigh and was caused by pregnancy hormones and would go away on its own. my baby is 3 and half now and lump still here. should I be worried?

Hi bella2
Women can sadly get breast cancer at any age , though it is definitely more common in middle aged women. I am 38 and have had some similar symptoms to you like tiredness, aching arms and back pain but no lumps, though had pain in left breast and other changes… Had appt at breast clinic and cancer nurse said everything looked normal but still sent me for mammo (seem to do them for over 30’s) and ultrasound and both clear though did have swollen glands which were causing the pain and now take epo daily which works. I am still trying to find out cause of my back/arm pain and all my blood tests were clear like yours. I would mention the original lump and tell them you’re concerned that its not gone away after all this time and hopefully they can put your mind at rest x

Hi Bella I have just been diagnosed at 26 although this is uncommon it does happen. I have no family history of breast cancer and am rather rare. Hope your experience is more positive than mine x

kate89 I am so sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed I will be praying for you xx
the gp I saw the other day seemed to dismiss breast cancer without egsamining me due to my age until I told him about family history. I doubt I wood have been refered to breast clinic otherwise which is a scary thought because I have been googling breast cancer in young women and its frigtening to see how many there are

thanks for your message beck76 thank god you got the all clear but not knowing why you have this pain must be terrible. have you been tested for vitamin d deficiency? because I was told yesterday by gp that my bloods are all clear but got a call this morning from gp surgery that I am very low on vitamin d…so this could be the reason ive been feeling weak getting the pains in shoulder and back…but I have also googled vitamin d deficiency and breast lump and it said that 94% of breast cancer diagnosis the patient has low vitamin d …so that made me worry so I think im gona stay away from google for a while xxx

Hi bella2
Yes my blood test did show a vit D deficiency so I was prescribed vit D tablets which have been taking for about 4 weeks now. I still get pains/weakness though but as I have 3months supply maybe it takes longer for it to have effect. Find my bones kept clicking badly too but seems to have eased a bit since taking the vits. Just waiting for mri scan results of my back now xx