Can you change your chemo dates?

Hi ladies.


Has any one of you/or have you heard of anyone moving the goal posts slightly when it comes to chemo dates?


Only the story is this, last summer, long before cancer diagnosis I spent an abolute fortune on my Husbands ‘30th’ which is in April.  It is basically a big weekend away to Aintree, liverpool to spend the day at the Grand National (my husband loves the races and this would be the best present ever) and then spend a few more days there before coming back home. 


Now the thing is, that if everything goes to plan my last FEC will be on the 3rd April and we are going on 4th.  Meaning I will feel like crap until we come home :frowning:


I would never ever want to jeopodise my treatment but I just wondered if any off you have delayed it by a few days for a ‘Big Event’ or is this an absolute NO NO unless the Onc feels you are not well enough. 





Hi Shazmos,
Think it depends on your oncologist and their views but I had to move one of my dates by a couple of days mid chemo and mine was fine with that. Sometimes dates are moved due to illness, low blood counts etc so although it’s the ideal scenario to keep exactly to the schedule a move by a couple of days probably won’t have a detrimental effect on the overall treatment plan. I would ask your onc/nursing team ASAP so that it can be planned in.
Fingers crossed for you and hope you can celebrate your hubbies birthday in style!

Hi Shazmos,


As smartie says, it depends on your onco. I know one of the February Valentines altered one of her treatment dates for a similar reason. As you say it will be your final chemo, it might not make a lot of difference if you alter it by a few days. again, as smartie says, If it is one week or less, this sometimes happens because of illness or a low white cell count anyway. Hope you manage to go on this trip. It sounds fantastic.


Best wishes

poemsgalore xx

Hi Shazmos,

I don’t think it will matter that much if it’s just a day or two but definitely check with the doctor. My mum had one of chemo delayed for a few days because she needed to have a heart scan.

Take care


I’ve known several people move chemo dates for various reasons.  You have a life to lead after all.  Also, sometimes dates are moved by the hospital e.g. because a patient’s white blood cell count hasn’t recovered and they always assure us it doesn’t make much difference in the long run.


Go for it!