Can you recall what was the first record you bought?

I bought a Dansette record player, complete with some albums which were: Help - The Beatles, Revolver - The Beatles and Sloop John B - The beach Boys.

A boy who lived up the road from me sold them to me because he needed the money…total…£10.00 in 1968.


It was “Meet Me On The Corner” by Lindisfarne.

Smokey Robinson “Being With You”, cant remember what year tho!!

But I remember my big brother playing “Lindisfarne” on his little record player when I was quite young.


Oh dear, this is embarrassing. I think it was ‘Grandad’ by Clive Dunn. But then I was very young!

This will date me - Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard cost 6 shillings and I still have it!

Art Garfunkal ( I only have eyes for you & Play Misty ) Ray Stevens 1975. I think i still have them…

These are fun to read! My first one was, You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me by Dusty Springfield. I was so proud of buying that record!

Oh had to join in,
Lief (I think thats how you spell it) Garrett…“I was made for dancing”, dont remember the year some time in the 70’s I was bribed into spending my pocket money by two older sisters.

S x

1st LP was Shaved Fish by John Lennon
1st single was My friend Stan by Slade!!! Think it was 49p-still got it!

Twelth of Never by Donny Osmond, think that was about 49p too.
Loved him then and love him now…

I cannot remember but Lindisfarne were on the same ferry as my family back in the 70s, I was in my early teens, I just remember my sister have a snog with one of the group!! I never had a record played of my own, just was not top of my list of desires(the record player or the kiss).

Cap and Gown by Marty Robbins

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Beatles, Dec 1963

Drop the Boy by Bros

Could still fancy those twins!

this dates me so much most of you wont even know it!!! On the Street where you Live by David Whitfield. Young love - I fancied the boy down the road :).

Ottawa’s d.i.s.c.o. Lovely euro disco trash from 1980.

Talk about age!! I was given 30 bob ( £1.50) for my 13th birthday and I bought 4 records! ‘Living Doll’ By Cliff Richard … ‘Oh Carol’ by Neil Sedaka … ‘I Love You’ by Anthony Newley … ‘Poor Me’ by Adam Faith … and I had change!!!
Sue x

‘The sun goes down (living it up)’ by Level 42


When a Man loves a Woman, Percy Sledge, dont remember year (menopausal!!) Im amazed I remember the record lol

Yvonne xx

Long haired lover from Liverpool sung by Little Jimmy Osmond!!!.

Angela x