CAN you take The morning after pill on Tamoxifen?

Hello Ladies,
I’m after a bit of advice please.
I have just finished 8 long months of treatment and I didnt cope too well on it but I’m much better now and 2 weeks
post rads…
So me and my other half had a rare night away at the weekend! We had such a good time and got a bit carried away as it had been a long time since we were together properly so now I’m panicing that I might get pregnant.
My periods arent regular and I was wondering if you can take the morning after pill whilst on tamoxifen. Im ER pos and HR neg. I dont want to just wait around its already been nearly 48hrs.
If anyone has any advice that would be good.

Hiya Leeds, I remember you from times gone past. This site is so frustrating now, I pop on very infrequently but just noticed your post does not seem to be replied to ( it may well have been though, who knows with the big black hole of posts). I’m not sure if you can take the morning after, the idea of doing so would scare me to death, but what about the non hormonal coil? I’m sure that can be used as emergency contraception and for a longer window of time than the pill. I’ve just had one fitted as general contraception as it’s fine for ER+ ladies, just because I too was terrified of a shock pregnancy, even though I’ve only had 2 periods in 2 years. Well done on the whole having sex thing though! Take care and all the best

Be careful as i think it is progesterone based, go to your family planning clinic for advice.
Good luck