cancer back for third time

first had cancer in 2005. had a mastectomey reconstruction fec chemotherapy and radiotherapy. the cancer was oestragen positive so i was on tamoxifen. then in 2010 i had a local recurrence this time oestragen negative. the oncologist left the decision to me as to wether i had chemotherapy. so i decided to go ahead with it this time 5 sessions of taxotere and then more radiotherapy which i finished just before christmas. on the 31st of march i have discovered another lump near to the last one. i have had a ct scan on monday past no results yet and i am going in for surgery on the 22nd of april. i am so frightened and feel so hopeless. i already feel i am on a death sentence.i feel i cant come to terms with this any advice. nancyb

Hi Nancy,
Sorry, I have no advise, but if you did it once, and you did it again, you can do it a 3rd time.
Goodness me it is so unfair for you. Has it been in the same breast each time ?
I have had it twice (2003 and 2010) and just getting over the 2nd time, I would hate to be starting over again. Just as before, it is one step at a time, one day at a time. You can share all you feel on the forums, you will find plenty of support here.
All the very best to you

Just to say that I’m thinking of you - what a difficult situation to cope with; no wonder you are feeling so “all over the place”. It’s good that you have a treatment plan mapped out and that it’s starting very quickly with a date for the surgery. I hope that with time you will gain confidence that yet again your cancer can be treated but this will probably take you time - I know it would with me…
Sending you a big hug and hopes for the future
Do keep in touch

thanks girls for replying to me. your messages are so much appreciated. xxx all cancer on the same side but i dont know if it has spread to liver or bones etc.

Dear Nancy

I am sorry to read that you are having such a difficult time at the moment, please feel free to call our helpline for further support on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 in the week and 9-2 Saturday and our team are here for you

Take care

Hi Nancy - my friend (who I ‘met’ on here) ‘Sway’ has had primary cancer three times too. I am sure she will come on soon and tell you herself - she has gone through one WLE and two MX’s and grilling radiotheropy too. She won’t mind me saying that she has come out the other end now and I know how hard it has been for her to get through it all - she has though - and she is fit, well, a lovely sense of humour and in a really positive place.

There is support on this site from lovely ladies and BCC hold some wonderful events that are worth going to - I know from talking to ‘Sway’ - the physical part of three diagnosis’s is very hard but the mental and emotional torture is worse - she is campaigning hard to get more emotional support from NHS to all ladies diagnosed - particularly those with re occurances. x

Hi, just wanted to say what awful news for you. I had dcis left breast 2006 with mastectomy and now invasive ductal cancer right breast with mastectomy this year so even I feel at times its determined to get me so with 3 diagnoses you must be a million times worse. I am being a bit thick now though when I ask if you had mastectomy in 2005 how did the lumps manifest themselves without any breast tissue? Along the scar line I would guess, I would really like to know if you dont mind posting as then we’d all know what to look for. Thanks Rachel

thanks so much ladies. i found my local recurrence under my arm it just felt like a golf ball size lump which my surgeon drained and found cells in. the same has happened again the lump is down from my arm pit on the inner side of my arm. i just cant understand that the chemo and radiotherapy have made no difference. it makes me think it is so aggressive that nothing will stop it


My counsellor has had bc three times and is fine. Her first two were 15 years apart, the third was close after the second, but that was five years ago now. Hope your treatment goes well. Debx

thinking of you.

thanks to all that have left me comments.
still feeling very low and finding it hard even to do everyday small tasks. I am hiding away from people i suppose even some of my good friends. I burst into tears at the drop of a hat. It is as if i have given up already and i definitely dont feel ready to leave my brilliant family. I am so annoyed with myself for not coping with this better

Hi Nancy,

Don’t beat yourself up about not coping with this AGAIN. It’s so bloody hard. As saffronseed told you, i’m also a third timer and i also felt i could’nt cope with it, 3 years later i am getting on with life and though i still have my manic moments, when i feel it all building up in me i have learn’t to take the time for a deep breath and every now and then a few tears. I also decided enough was enough and asked for helped. I spoke to my bcn who put me in touch with a cancer psycologist who helps with the stress and the emotional scars that we don’t realise are left behind after a dx.Hope this helps a little.


hi got word today cancer has not spread to major organs although breast care nurse tells me that the cancer has spread further in the localised area than the surgeon had thought. she tells me he is hoping to be able to remove it. while i am delighted it has not spread to the major organs i am still in bits. going to go out with my family tonight to the cinema. they are fab and so patient with me.

Thanks for letting us know - this sounds like your hospital is sorting things out quickly for you.
Enjoy your night out

Thinking of you, I hope you are able to get your treatment started soon.

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

surgery friday one year and a day from the last operation

Best of luck for Friday- good to hear that your problems are ‘only’ local- still a nightmare as I know only too well, but a huge relef for you to hear your vitals are ok :slight_smile:
you can do this! X

thsnk you gingerbud and all encouraging words from all

Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to say I am thinking of you.

I am also going through this for a third time,I had it in 2002,2006 and Dec 2010.I have been feeling very down about this time but trying to be strong for my family.
Thankfully it hadn’t spread and I had surgery before Christmas.Today I have been for my 5th lot of chemo,only 1 more to go!(can’t wait). I’m also going to have herceptin for a year and maybe tamoxofen.

Take care xx

hi helen. sorry to hear about your third time diagnosis. cancer sucks. it is so hard to be upbeat at times. i just finished chemo and radiotherapy 1 week before xmas so this has been such a shock. i belong to a breast care support group and they arrived out to see me unexpectedly. some of them have secondaries another is a second timer on herceptin. they are such a inspiration. do you have anyone to talk to like that?. i wish you very best and probably wont be on for a few days cause surgery tomorrow. so all the very best and hope to chat again soon.xx