Cancer Drug fund: Your support is needed



This petition has been set up by a group of ladies who are dealing with the effects of Secondary Breast Cancer (SBC).
It has been widely reported in the news that upto 25 cancer drugs which NICE have deemed too expensive for the NHS are going to be withdrawn by the Cancer Drug Fund (CDF), because of the costs, it is believed this includes all Breast Cancer drugs on that list.
Many of us have had these drugs prescibed with dramatic results, others are running out of options and these drugs are our only chance of extending our lives.
We would like to remind the government of the Tory pledge, which was made before the last election, to enable NHS doctors to prescribe any drug if they believed a cancer patient would benefit.
Can you please sign this petition and ask everyone you know (UK resident) to sign it as well. We need 10000 signatures to be able to get MPs involved. We are nearly there.

Hi already signed on the last one they over 7000 now so hopefully won’t be long xx

Have already signed this one, the numbers are growing. :slight_smile:

Signed it thank you.