Cancer free or on the way towards...? What's your strongest advice?

I am pre breast clinic but my gp thought I needed a referral which has come through a weeke later
Anxious for the right Attitude
I heard a long time ago how much attitude helps

Hi My strongest advice would be don’t worry about attitude. At the minute you don’t know if you have BC , I would be hoping for good results from the clinic and leave the attitude bit until you know whats what.  We all cope and get on in different ways. You  have to have some kind of  positivityotherwise you would never get through certain situations. I have heard some medical professionals say that cancer patients who have a positive attitude get on better but I personally don’t believe that and also does that mean that all those who die of cancer were not positive enough ?.  Being anxious about having the right attitude isn’t going to do you any good at all and cancer doesn’t care if your positive or not.  Get through the clinic appointment and take it from their. I’m 6 years on now from diagnosis and, touch wood, NED (no evidence of disease) Your never really told if your “cancer free”. I was not really positive,infact I was a wreck and planning my funeral lol.   Don’t feel pressured into being positive, IF, you have to face BC you will cope your  own way.


All the best Melx