Cancer in Spine and Brian

I’m really struggling feeling alone and after some help. Can anyone give me any answers or is anyone living with stage VI in bones and brain. My mum was dignosed 18 months ago and the cancer now has spread to her brain. I have a much younger sister and I was wondering with timings how long we can expect? The doctors never seem to want to tell you, we start radiotherapy this week focusing on the whole brain. I would take any advice or tips anymore has, thank you

Hi Lou,
So sorry to hear about your mum.
It’s so difficult, but I don’t think there is an answer to how long, as everyone’s different. There are ladies here who’ve had secondary disease for years.
I don’t have a secondary diagnosis, but if you go to ‘treatments & medical issues’ in the ‘living with secondary breast cancer’ board, one of the ladies may be able to help with your queries about treatment.
Also, do give the helpline above a ring if you feel you need to talk things through.
ann x