Cancer on scar tissue.

Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone has had cancer cells come back on the scar tissue after having a WLE. and what it looked like? i always imagine cancer on scar tissue to be like a small pimple and bright red? can anyone out there answer this query for me. thanks a bunch xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Kippy,
How long ago were you dx. I had recurrance of bc on my scar line it went hard at first then presented with a lump. at first i didn,t think too much of it as i had been knitting for my grandaughter and just thought it was the knitting needles
aggravating the area wher i had had wle but decided to keep an eye on it which was just as well.My first dx with bc was a lot of yrs ago.
I have heard people say they have presented with little red spots that look a bit like inflamation, you could just have a simple spot but with anything concerning your breast you should always see your gp or if you are still under your onc orconsultant then you should phone for an appointment, it is better to put your mind at ease as quickly as poss.
Love Reneexx