Cancer spread to brain

hi my pal was diagnosed five years ago at age 25
with dcis and opted for double mastectomy. No
chemotherapy. Secondaries dx last aug age 29
in liver, bones, neck, lymph nodes. In decber following course chemotherapy only one liver lesion and one infected node. All well and back to work but today
had brain scan due to head aches and it’s spread there now.

Don’t know anymore but anyone any idea if they
can treat this? XXXXXXXX

Hi Signet

Don’t know much about this but my friend’s brother had op on brain tumour last year, couldn’t remove it all, had chemo/rads I believe, & again all well, back to work etc., but now it seems it has grown again & apparently another op is not possible so being treated with some drug in tablet form, don’t know what. I hear he is having some memory loss, but otherwise well, not at work though obviously. I never like to ask too many questions so don’t know what the tablets are, or what the prognosis is. He us 47.

How are you yourself today?

Aw bless him. Real scared for my pal. I know in us younger ones our cell division is faster
so mets can spread so much quicker. It’s got a huge impact on things age and with cancer the younger the
worse from my informed understanding.

I am not great had another bad day then news of my pal which just made it all worse xxxx

hope your ok hun xx

Sorry to hear about your friend - here is a link to a thread that has been running the last few months where a few members have been diagnosed with brain mets and have been having different treatments etc…

I hope that your friend’s onc is able to start some type of treatment for her soon…

Theresa x

Thanks so much for the link xxxx