Hi been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in the bones, can any one explains what is going to happen ,I revive injections every month, on letrazole , and calcium tablets, thank you.

Hello Reagan

Welcome to the forum …pity it couldn’t be under happier times but you will find real ladies here that understand what you are going through.
I was dx October 2015 with bone mets …like you take letrozole , calcium tablets and the bone injection. You will have regular scans and see the oncologist and monitored that the treatment regime is controlling the little blighters …
Please touch …you can rant and rave on bad days as we understand how you feel.
Hugs xx?

I’ve the same. I’ve Denosumab injections once a month, Letrozole, & 6 monthly scans…the hard bit is staying strong and positive ‘all’ the time!!! Its pretty lonely!!