cant believe what oncologist said!!!!!!

hi all, had to see oncologist yestoday b4 3rd chemo as have been admitted to hospital after the las t 2 with neutropenia 0.1 n0.2 n temp so infections. walked in n said what r we gonna do with u , well we wont throw th towel in just yet. well u cant have this again its too dangerous when u cum in with low bloods n infection 19 out of 20 times we can cure u but sometimes th infection wins!!! i have been poisoning n treating women for 15 years but lost one lady who cud well have been ok now but died down to the treatment i gave her not the cancer… so he then said he would try reducing my dose by 25% n still have th nelasta injection today. needless to say he scared th hell out of me i know when i go in i feel ill n that its risky but just thought they can fill me with antibiotics n white cell injections n id be ok till next time. now if it happens again im going to be scared … . n to top it aqll my daughter seems to b getting one thing after another shes been off this week with a bug n now this morning thinks its turning into a cold great… sorry about the rant just wondered if anyone else has experienced this. rozita xxxxxxx

hi rozita

sorry to hear your having such a rough time. the last one of my chemos had such a bad effect, that they also said to me they didnt know if i could have any more treatment. and without it i was told i would only have weeks or months to live. i was so downhearted and scared, but they managed to get me fit enough for the next one, but this time ive ended up with blood clots on the lungs so again its delayed for a week.
i think your oncologist should go back to his training and have lessons in how to put things across to his patients.
but hang on there, they dont have all the answers and u just have to keep going and have hope
all the best x

Quite frankly he sounds like a complete @*se, and definitely needs to learn some people skills.

I’m sorry to hear that your having a tough time of it, I hope things start to pick up form here on in.


Hi - sounds like your onc is truthful, but tactless!

Agree, he needs a refresher course on people skills.

Reducing dose by 25% does sound very sensible, tho’.

X to all


Have you had the neulasta before? Well, I had it after the last 3 of my chemo’s and I didn’t have any further problems with infections, and as it costs over 1300 euros (I live in France) it must be a good drug.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit more achey, that can happen but I found paracetamol and ibuprofen helped.

Sounds like you need to change your Onc!

Good luck, hope it goes well

I had my treatment privately and had a neulasta injection after each of my 8 chemos[4 fec and 4 taxotere]I was fine till after no8 when I was hospitalised[just 48hrs]with neutropenia.It is a great drug but very expensive[I saw statements from insurance and it was over £1000 a time].I was told before chemo that there was 1% chance of dying of the treatment.
Good Luck
PS Neulasta can cause some side effects eg joint and bone pain.

What a tactless onc you have hon - but don’t worry - just keep an eye on your temp on the vulnerable days - I had to have the FEC and TAX reduced by 20% after my first treatments and my onc was going to put me on lower weekly doses off tax but I said noooooo did not fancy even more holes in my arm lol.

I got neutropenia on first chemo and had granocyte on the otehr fecs and then neulasta on the TAX and diod not get anymore temperatures. A small amount of pain in my sacrum but pain killers helped.

If you do get a temp then you need a bllod test and cultures done - if its A&E tell them you are on chemo and that the test has to be down within an HOUR - I only had to have antibiotics by mouth as my neuts were 0.9 if under 0.5 its intravenous - it is very rare to die from infection unless antib are not given - don’t worry hun you will be fine xxxxxx Lyn xxxxx

Just realise dthis is a bit out of date now but might help someone else lol x

Hi, I had neutropenic sepsis after my first taxotere and was told that I could have died. I think they say this to ensure that we do go in when our temperature peaks.
The next time I had the dose reduced by 25% and this really helped. The first time I’d had blisters all over the palms of my hands but that didn’t happen with the reduced dose. I also started the injections sooner on day 4 rather than day 5.
I did get a temperature every time but not so high I had to go into hospital again thankfully.

Hope the reduced dose works out better for you. Hang in there.
Elinda x