Can't find 10 of my Xeloda tablets

I finish this cycle next Wed morning and just looking at the tablets left (I take 4 each morning and 4 each night) there didn’t seem to be many there so I counted up, re-counted, counted again, got dh to count, counted again and I was still 10 short.

I am sooooo careful at home with these as I have two young children. They are always kept in the box on a high shelf out of reach. I count them out and never, ever leave them lying around before I take them.

The only time they are taken anywhere else is when I’ve been to my parents for a meal. Then, I put them in my handbag and ask my Dad to put them on a high shelf in the kitchen out of reach. He’s checked and says there’s nothing there.

Aaaaaarrrgh! dh insists that the hospital won’t have miscounted as they check and double-check but I’m not so sure. I don’t understand where they can be. I guess they’ll issue some more for me (or will they cut this treatment short?) but if we have to go back to hospital, it’s another 2 hour round trip plus waiting time.

Flippin’ 'eck is all I can say (and other words not allowed on this board). Maybe I have succumbed to chemo brain after all. Next time, I’ll be counting them before we leave hospital when they issue the last cycle’s dose.

The pharmacy gave me too many the first time, they gave me an extra day and I thought I was going mad and was on the point of taking them for another day when my husband did the maths and confirmed that there had been an error. It is a serious matter when there is a prescription error, but it can happen. You need to call them immediately as you need the extra tablets.


Hi Nicola71,

I agree with Sinclair, do phone your pharmacy, explain what you have on the forums and they should sort it out for you.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

THanks for the replies. I’ve phoned Christies and spoken to the on-call dr who will speak to the pharmacist tomorrow morning. She said they may be able to issue it via my GP to save us a 2 hr round trip to the hospital. She wasn’t sure though and I wondered if with it being a clinical trial whether this would make a difference. Anyway, we will see!

HI NIcola71,
I was on Xeloda too just finished last week, Hospital Pharmacys do sometimes make mistakes, on my second cycle the directions on my box was take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening (i had to have 4 in morning and 4 in evening like you) and on my last cycle they gave me the wrong Xeloda (not the trial one) by the time i got home they realised they had made a mistake and rang me .They posted out the trial version next day and asked me to return the ones given to me, i did think it was odd as the packaging was different. Urghhhhhhhhh just as well we know what we are doing though. Gos to show though they do sometimes make mistakes, they apoligised both times, but you do expect them to know what their doing dont you.
Ask if they can post them out to you if that helps.

Best Wishes
Lindiloo x