i know this subject has been discussed before but just wondered how vital it is that I wear a bra. I had a DL Flap mastectomy (hope that’s the right description - it was muscle from my back) 4 weeks ago and the nurses at the hospital say i should be wearing a very light support (like a Sloggi bra) crop top but I just can’t find anything that doesn’t dig in to either my back or my reconstruction. Everything I have worn so far (including post surgery bras from Amoena) have left indentations in my reconstruction and left the muscle (which comes through under my arm) very sore and indented also. I just wondered how vital it was that I wore a bra as the reconstruction looks ok without one (I’m vey small chested) and isn’t drooping or anything like that and feels very comfortable without but if I do need to can anyone recommend something very light that won’t dig in either under my arm or on the reconstruction. When I took my amoena bra off I had marks on the reconstruction where the little pleats were in the bra. thanks ladies

I wore one of these - very comfortable and easy to put on/off:

Hi there, so sorry you are feeling uncomfortable after your LD recon, hopefully it will soon pass.

For me the most comfy bra was, and still is nearly a year on, the triumph triactive sports brs (not the ‘extreme’ model) e.g. here: I also use some royce mastectomy bras as the pocket linings are quite soft against the skin.

Dents in the recon skin caused by bra pressure seem pretty normal (I certainly still get them) but they do disappear again. You oculd always use a little pad of tissue or cotton wool to cushion your skin, but might just get a different indentation.

My PS was adamant bra 24/7 for 6 weeks and aports bra for 3 m… I have a good shaped recon (roughly a C cup) so behaving worked for me! She also insisted on loads moisturiser on the scars - E45 or acqueous to start with but once healing was done post rads done I used Olay!!! Others use nivea. Every Dr who looks at my scars says they are ‘lovely’!!

Take care and hope you soon feel more comfy.


Thanks for these posts. I’m having problems finding a bra that doesn’t ride up so I’ll push the boatnoutnand get one from the site you’ve just posted. I haven’t had recon yet, won’t be for another year, and my temp implant had to come out so I’m completely flat on one side. I’m waiting for a heavier prostheses fitting, but in the meantime bought a chicken fillet which isn’t heavy enough to keep the flat side from riding up. Any tips very welcome.

Happy Christmas everyone,


thank you for your replies. when i first had the recon (ld flap not dl - my brain no longer works properly) i was told not to wear a bra but now have been told to wear something really soft, i will have a good look at the ones mentioned here. seems advice differs from surgeon to surgeon which makes it really confusing. I don’t have an implant so i don’t know if that makes a difference (just my own muscle as I’m so small)

Bunnies… I don’t have an implant either… no idea if that makes a diffenrece, but I expect size may do… poor muscle being reshaped into a boob after living happily in my back for 48 years!

The other thought is M&S secret support vests? I was advised to use these during rads, which was a good thing as my skin got too sore for a proper bra.

PS as you can see form my typing the effect is quite common!! :-))

HI, I wore a really lovely M&S cotton sports bra for 6 weeks. They were two in a pack. I bought a cup size larger, which worked very well.I also used an expander bit at the back until the swelling went down. This all worked very well.

thanks again everyone. It’s interesting Revcat that you say you still get indentations. I was really worried about this when I took my amoena bra off as it was the little darts down the side of the bra and they’d left a visible mark but they did go. Perhaps I shouldn’t be worrying too much about that. My back is very sore and I have such a tight scar that I have a large lumpy long area of skin above it and that, combined with the very swollen area under my arm where the muscle has been pulled through, makes getting a bra really difficult as they all seem ok when I put them on but after wearing for a few hours and I take them off I am in agony. Will definitely try the ones mentioned here though

i have some bras from Peacocks (someone on here advised them) they’re a 2 pack, a black and a white, elasticated all the way around and really soft and comfy, they’re great

Gill x

I’ll second Rev Cat’s recommendation of the Triumph Triactive.