Can't move on

I was diagnosed 3 years ago have been clear for nearly 3 years but I don’t think I’ve ever fully come to terms with what has happened to me. I had chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy and then reconstruction last year. I am struggling at the moment. I can’t concentrate and it’s starting to affect my work. I’m going to the doctors tomorrow. Isnthere anyone else who’s gone through this?

Hi Ali

If this is your first time here, then welcome to the forum.

And also a special welcome from us ladies on here who are struggling like you, with fear and anxiety.

I know exactly how you feel and I’m sure I won’t be the only one. I had my first clear mammogram in May of this year and have since had a couple of USs which have been fine. These have been done really because of my worry of reoccurrence. Scared of searching for lumps, scared not to.

Do you think it gets easier as the time goes on, or harder?

Definitely a good idea to visit the drs so you can talk things through. Are you on hormone therapy? Because they do affect our mood.

Let us know how you get on.

Sue xx

Welcome Ali ,you are certainly not in your own in struggling to move forward ,the fall out after active treatment finishes can be significant physically and mentally .Hope your trip to GP offered some support .Please feel free to come and chat to us here -we understand .Jill.