Can't seem to get going again.

Can’t seem to get going again.

Can’t seem to get going again. I wonder if anyone else is finding it hard to get going again after BC and treatment.
I finished chemo in July and am now on tamoxifen.

I have lots of aches and pains and stomach probs from IBS which i had pre cancer.

I am reluctant to discuss things with the docs as all they suggest is anti depressents and i dont want them.

Just talking to a friends hubby and he said to me ‘do you dwell on pains’ i was a little upset as i dont feel i do they are real.

Any advice would be welcome


Ruth live yoghurt should improve your IBS misery If it doesn’t try those mingey little probiotic packs from supermarket- Yakult is supposed to be the best. If this helps beg or buy yourself a Kefir seed and make your own probiotic [very easy and inexpensive]. Poke round the internet for more info.
Look after yourself and eat well- vitamin supplements might give you a boost. Spoon wheatgerm and or ground almonds on your breakfast cereal.
Hope you feel perkier soon, dilly

Gut-ache is SOOOOO tiring. Have you tried Acidophilus? might be worth trying it as a booster for the gut flora.

Also Aloe Vera gel see this link for information,8125-1479105_1,00.html

Me too Hi Ruth,

You know Ruth, I haven’t visited this forum for a couple of months now and I came on tonight for the same reason as you…I have lost all my motivation.

I finished my chemo end of August and I coped really well throughout. I worked full time and only suffered some tiredness and lack of concentration. Then my father died in October, he lived with me and it was a final straw. It took the wind completely out of my sails.

At the moment I seem to be losing interest in everything including work which I have always been passionate about. Sounds really negative but I almost think it’s not worth the effort just in case it returns! It’s that big black cloud luming over us I think.

I can’t seem to get motivated about anything and that includes Christmas and my holiday which is at Christmas too! I went to buy some holiday clothes tonight and couldn’t be bothered trying them on, so walked back out again!

I am struggling to get out of bed in the morning and feel tired by dinner time.

I am usually such a positive person, so now I am worrying about being miserable, tired and demotivated.

I think I will go for some reflexology sessions to see if that will give me the boost I need. It worked wonders for me in the past when I was low and suffering IBS … if I can get round to making that appointment.

On and another thing, I have menstrual breast pain and it’s a constant reminder…it’s driving me nuts.

Anyway…better not go on and on and on!