can't sleep after snb and wle. !

Hello ladies
Just thought I’d say hi. I came back this morning from the Spire, what a lovely place that was.
Well the op went well and I’m not in much pain more sore and swollen.
I can’t believe how blue my breast is! I have big boobs but now looks even bigger and feels really numb? Did any of yours feel like that?
also quite swollen in the snb bit!
I have plenty of movement in my arms but told not to drive for a few days! I’ve to get my dressing changed in 7 days aswell.
I was doing so well until a lovely breast care nurse came to talk to me this morning and I burst into tears prob because I didn’t get much sleep last night so it was prob cos I’m tired or maybe cos it his me that this is really happening! My OH has been fantastic and my kids too. Stew helped me with a bath tonight and even washed my back with my favourite stuff, bless him he is so tired but I’v got to take a back seat for a while and get better I suppose.
I’ve already got an appointment for the 10th jan but I don’t think the results will be in by then so I’ll have to speak to my bcn and check first.
Can you tell me your experience of snb and wle
Lots of love
Fran xx

Good morning Fran

Yes, my boob was very blue and swollen. It was much more sore than I expected and also vey numb. I couldnt work out how something could be sore and numb at the same time. This did all get better with time. The crying thing - I cried in the strangest of places at the strangest times and yes this has got much better too although it does occasionally still happen. We have been through quite alot and have to be kind to ourselves. My nodes were clear so I didnt have chemo and am on day 13 or rads.

Give yourself some time it will get better! You can also post on here if you are feeling not so good


Hi Fran,
Sorry you are joining us here but you will get lots of support and advice from the forums which I found very valueable.
Yes your boob will be sore and swollen after the SNB and also quite painful (they don’t tell you that bit) make sure you have some good painkillers and also fresh dressings - I found my boob filled with fluid and kept leaking for about 10 days - ugh! If the boob gets hot or looks red then give your BCN a ring as you may have an infection. Once everything settles down and you have to start doing the exercises to prevent cording - these can also hurt to start with so take it slowly but don’t give up on them.
The weeping - well that is probably due in part to the anasthetic and you’ve been through a lot and probably trying to have a ‘normal’ Christmas as well - it’s exhausting! Be kind to yourself and try to rest. Things will start to improve soon.

Hiya Fran good to hear your op went well, but sorry you are feeling. Bit tearful but you have been through a lot over tha past few weeks especially at this time of year it does seen to hit people harder.

I have had two WLEs and SNBs… The first surgery didn’t get clear margins and needed a further excision a few weeks later… M boob was very blu for about a month then faded a bit was a goid fewvmonths till it went back to normal… My boob was very painful post op but had a great range of movement except for cording which developed quite quickly after surgery and needed some physio but eventually got better on it’s own after about six months. I still have some numbness in my arm near the auxilla but better than it was now 5 1/2 years post op on that side… I have an irritating itch unde my wle scar and it’s still tender even after all this time.

On the other side in also had more pain than I had anticipated to start with but none now… It’s 2 1/2 years post op… I only have one scar on this side as my surgeon tunnelled under ro remove nodes and tumour and he went through the same incision 3 months ago when I had a node clearance and excision of recurrence in my chest wall… He’s a bit of a genious!

After the wle and SNB I had some breast and auxilla lymphoedema which has persisted and I still have it now… Again a god range of movement post op no cording in my arm ths time this time but did get mondors disease which was cording through my boob but it sorted itself out again after a few months. Still very numb in my auxilla after recent surgery… Blue boob lasted a few months after SNB in 2009… My mum also has had a wle and SNB and her boob still had a blue area after a year so it does vary from person to person.

Take it easy… And if you have an absorbent dressing on don’t get it wet or if you do change it ASAP as a warm wet dressing can lead to infection… And you are better showering than bathing as it lessens your chance of a wound infection too… If it’s a waterproof dressing like tegaderm then is ok to get splashes but tr not to submerge it underwater.

If you have any concerns speak to your BCN, gp or practice nurse… Take care.

Love lulu xxxx

Hi Fran

As well as the support you are receiving on here if you think it my help to talk things through please do give the BCC helpline a call on 0808 800 6000. The lines are open today until 5pm and then again on Tuesday and the trained staff will offer you both emotional support and practical information.

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Fran
I had my op on the 29th Nov i too had a very blue boob which a has slowly got less . I was also quite swollen, everythig you’ve stated is quite ‘normal’ i think.My numbness has slowy got less aswell . I am ( was) a larger busted lady and my op was WLE with SNB and a reduction on both sides! I now have the boobs of a 20 year old with the body of a 50!! I can also now see my stomach , which was hidden before!
T was tearful and I put that down to the anesthtic and the shock of it all. I still do cry in the strangest of places and i dont know where it comes from.
To begin with I found sleeping a nightmare( i like to sleep on my side and front!)I had to lay on my back as both sides had been operated on. I also had a nagging cough which lying on my back didnt help. I have recently been able to sleep on my sides but after the 5th I’ll be back to square one as having another op (FAC). My hubby has been fantastic i wasnt allowed to do a thing!!
i hope all goes well with your next appointment, My results were all back the week after surgery so fingers crossed.

Gill xx

Hi not good with my abbreviations I meant ANC not FAC i think!!

Hi not good with my abbreviations I meant ANC not FAC i think!! now ive posted twice and cant delete!!!

Hi I had WLE and SNB in May and honestly after a week I was fine. The scars healed really well and I had no side effects at all.

keep the faith you’ll be fine

Hello Ladies,
Lulu your advice has been amazing and especially after everything you have been through I think you are wonderful to tell me all these things.
Also thanks to everyone else.
I woke up sore this morning and had a codeine and feel really funny but ok and can do most things.
My friend is coming over today with a bra top for me which helps I think.
I’m tearful still but that’s because I think its sinking in now but I’ll be fine I’ve got lots of support around me! My son is going to his friends to play soon but still got my 3 year old daughter up to her usual mischief.
So I’ve just got to try and relax when I can.
Made an appointment with the nurse for next thursday to remove my dressing had to explain it all to the drs receptionist.
That’s about it really appointment at hosp on the 10th and then see what happens about the next stage.
Thanks for your support
Love fran xx

hi fran

hope you are feeling not too bad today.

i have just replied to your message you sent me.

speak to you soon.

lots of love xxx