can't sleep!

nearly finished my 7 months of chemo, last one 17th November…my sleeping pattern is getting worse!
I expect not to sleep the night of my chemo due to a dose of steriods down my line, however my sleeping paterns are starting to ge me down.

I stopped having periods after the 3rd chemo and my onc beleives that I am now experiencing menopause. My understanding is that the menopause contributes to irratic sleep patterns.

I am absolutely shattered, lack of sleep on top of the fatigue of 6 months of chemo. I just lie in bed catchimg an odd hour here and there…watching the clock tick the hours away> Sometimes I get up at 3 am (don’t want to disturb my hubbie) and go back to bed at 6 for an hour or two.
any advice… even tried several glasses of wine!

I keep forgeting to tell my onc, can I take over the counter remedes such as nytol?
any advice welcome,
regards a very tired rugby girl x


I was perscribed Zopiclone (not sure about spelling) during chemo but it spun me out even more so I tried Nytol, the non herbal one in the blue packet. It’s actually an antihystamine. I found this sedated me enough not to stress about being awake everytime I woke up so I was able to sleep. I still take it now and again now as I’m still not very good at sleeping.

Fingers crossed you get some sleep soon.

Em x

I’m the same, its horrible isnt it. I finished chemo end of September and I still cant sleep. I wake up boiling many times a night. It annoys me when the medics say its anxiety- I know its not. it was always at its worst in the middle week of chemo. I have temazepam from my gp, its great but I dont want to get addicted so have them occasionally. They are really useful, I had one last night and only woke a couple of times and I feel so much better today.
I have read lots of threads on this forum about this so I think its really common. Thats not very helpful is it! you have my sympathy.

Same problem here . I finished Chemo in august. I find taking the blue nytol for a couple of nights can sort of kick start my sleeping pattern as once it’s stuck in a rut, it’s hard to get back to normal. Hot flushes wake me I think, then my mind starts working and I have had it. Good luck. X

I’ve been taking antihistamines too. Bloody steroids keep me awake! Also have fab meditation CDs by a guy called Roy Martina which do the trick naturally if I’m having trouble but not on too much of a steroid buzz. It’s quite hypnotic, designed for those with illness, visualizing the immune system etc… In a very calming way.

Dear all,

thank you so much for the advice.
I actually had a good night sleep last night, the first time in soooo very long, it must be talking to you lovely people.

Em, thanks I shall get some of the nytol that you suggested, I am keen not to get hooked on prescription medcation, as you said .Naomi

Fairyem, it is good to knw that sleepless nights are common, my sympathy goes out to everyone in this position.

thanks once again for the advice everyone…
wishing you all good night sleeps xx