Can't stand the waiting

Hi, everyone. Just found this weg site today and I would like your support.
I first went to my GP in Feb with something in my breast which just didn’t feel right. Was told there was nothing suspicious, but they would check it out just to reasure me. On 14th May was finally told it was cancer. Felt numb! Had to wait a week for a biopsy, then another week for results, now 3 week wait for an MRI and another week for results. Am trying to carry on with work as normal but finding it difficult to concentrate. Is difficult to plan future projects when I don’t know if I will be here to finish them. My husband has been great. We told our girls (11 and 8) 2 weeks ago and they have taken it in their stride. My eldest told me “Breast cancer is very popular” I think she meant common!
I wish I didn’t have to wait for so long. I just want to get started on treatment and even after the results don’t know how long I will have to wait for surgery.
Tomorrow I’m doing the 20 mile walk for Breast Cancer Care. Booked it back in Jan before any of this started. I know several people here at work who have recovered from breast cancer ans was doing it for them.
Thanks for reading this. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

Hi Valentine,

Welcome to you and glad you found us. I also struggled with the waiting and found myself making things worse by imagining the worse case senario’s each time. I was diagnosed at the end of march and has since had a mastectomy and all lymph nodes removed on the left side. This all seemed scary at the time but nothing was as bad as i was telling myself it would be. Have you had any results at all or are you still totally in the dark?
One thing is for sure, you are never alone whilst being a part of this website.
Hope and hugs to you
Mel (Guinness)

Hi Valentine

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums. I am sure you will get lots of help and advice from the many informed users of this site.

You may find BCC’s resource pack helpful,it has been designed for those newly diagnosed. The pack is free of charge as are all our publications. If you would like a copy just follow the link below:

If you feel you need to talk to someone in confidence then please give the helpline a call, the staff here are all either breast care nurses or people who have personal experience of breast care issues. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 the lines open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm.

I hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards

Am sorry you have had to join us here on the site but welcome all the same. You will certaily get loads of support from all the lovely ladies here. I understand about the waiting being awful and just wanting to get started with treatment. I went to my GP early Jan and had a dx by mid jan - surgery 8 days later thanks to medical insurance through work. I was at work through the waiting period and back 14 days after my surgery (WLE and node sampling), this was my choice and no pressure from my employers - they thought I was going to be off for a minimum of 6 months and were amazed I was back so soon. I did not require chemo but had 29 rads sessions and worked a slightly shorter day for the 6+ weeks that I was getting rads. I found being at work was better than being at home as it kept my mind occupied with things other than BC.

I’m glad you have a supportive husband and your children seem to be coping with things ok. It makes such a difference when you ahe ppl there helping you along.

I would warn you tho not to go reading too much and searching the internet for information on BC - it is all too easy to read too much and apply worse case scenario to yourself. A good friend of mine, who’s daughter had had leukemia as a child told me that every cancer case is individual and not to listen to everyone’s horror story and apply it to myself - it sounds really blunt but it was valueable advice when I was at the early stage.

Thanks for the messages. It helps to know there are other people with similiar experiences who can sympathise and encourage.
I’ve been told I have invasive lobular cancer. Apparently it’s difficult to diagnose which is why it has taken 3 months to get a diagnosis, is easy to treat but also spreads easily. Which is why I’m having an MRI scan this week to determine if it has spread to both breasts. At the worst I imagine I will need a mastectomy to both breasts. That really upsets me, I don’t want to lose them!! Some days are fine and others, like this morning I’m in floods of tears.

Hi Valentine,
So sorry to meet you on this web site but Hi anyway…remember crying is a good release…I do it often too!
I had mastectomy 2 1/2 weeks ago and am doing OK, just waiting for the oncologist appt. for chemo to start and feeling really strong and ready to fight now…

I totally agree with you on the waiting…it was the worst time for me. I had a CT and a Bone scan before op and they were really quick but the 4 days waiting for results was s**t! Once I knew the extent (scans were clear by the way:-) of the cancer I could then deal with it, it was the not knowing that drove me crazy!

Good luck with the scans, let us know how you get on

Love Hayley xx

Well, good news. The MRI has shown that the cancer has not spread. The other good news is that instead of the normal 4 week wait for surgery, there was a cancellation which has got me booked in this week. Not that I’m excited about surgery, but you know what I mean! Just want it over and done with. I’m having a mastectomy and reconstruction which after talking to the surgeon is not as bad as I thought. I had the idea that EVERYTHING would be taken away. Was relieved to find that the skin remained. Excuse my ignorance!
Initially I thought I would fight to keep my breast but soon realised that a choice between breast or cancer was no contest.

Hi Valentine

I know what you mean about getting it all done and out of the way. Yes, you will be losing a breast but like you said, when it comes to living, a breast is a mere formality! Nice to have them if possible, but if not, being around for many more years is foar more important. Anyway, from what I have gathered from this forum, a lot of the reconstructions are so good and may be better than the original!

Good luck and thinking about you


Hi Valentine

Glad to hear that it hasn’t spread it’s nice to get some good news isn’t it.

Not sure which recon you are going for I had LD. I just wanted to say that I am really pleased with the results, I spoke to a friend today who had the tummy recon she is 2 weeks post op and like me feels really well and is really pleased also. It’s a big step but I have found that over the last couple of weeks I am starting to feel like my old self, It is no where near as all consuming and overwhelming as it was before my op. Hopefully you will be able to get back to some sort of normality in a few weeks time.

Take care



Hi Valentine,

Great news about the scan results - really pleased for you. I agree also about the “getting it done” attitude. I felt exactly the same. I had mastectomy without reconstruction and whilst it took time to like my new “look” I was still really relieved to have got the cancer out. Bring on the chemo (thurs is first FEC).

All the best

Hayley x