Can't stop convincing myself it's cancer..!

Last summer I found a lump in my right boob. Doctor confirmed and I went to the breast clinic (2 week referral as I’m 36) I remember being terrified for a full 2 weeks of cancer and convincing myself that’s what it was. Had my appointment and just an ultrasound and the woman said it was 100% just a cyst. I was so relieved. It’s been left as is.


So over the last month or two, i’ve noticed a kind of bump in my other boob. About mid way on the outside. I notice it in a strange way as I push excess water off me when finishing up in the shower… that’s when i can feel it most. So I decided to ahve a fidlle about there one day just to check if there were any actual lumps and I found one that I can grab hold of and it does not feel good. It’s a few centimetres long and lumpy, almost liek a barbell/dumbbel shape, or possibly even three lumps together. Maybe a cm wide. I’m now bricking it because it feels so different to the cyst. this is hard and lumpy and like it’s attached at one end.


I saw my doctor again this morning and he referred me on the 2 week thing again. I’m so scared because of how different this feels. He said it doesn’t feel that suspicious but I know my doctor and he knows I’m super anxious (and a bit of a hyperchondriac) so he wouldn’t tell me if he was actually concerned anyway!


I am so scared. I can’t even phone to see about an appointment until tomorrow and I had a full 2 week wait last time. I’m not sure I can face that again- it’s such a long time for me to be in panic mode.

…& breathe, Bemused.

Sorry to hear you’re going through this all again, but you’ve done everything you need to for now.

There’s no getting away from it, waiting for appointments for this is the pits, but also nothing is going to change between now & the appointment.  It may help to try to focus on not letting the anxiety monster take over your thoughts, as it won’t change anything & will only make it more difficult for you. 

It will get sorted out.

Try not to get hung up on how it feels, it won’t change anything or give you any answers & any type of breast change is usually not bc related, chances are there is a far more common reason for it. 

Do let us know how you get on.

ann x





So I had my appointment. All fine. Clearly I panic over nothing! The clinician said cystic diseas, i.e, my boobs have a **bleep** ton of cysts. I have lost some weight recently, and have small boobs already so it clearly just made them more noticeable. Also he said I have very lumpy tissue and I’m probably just feeling different nodules etc.

The ultrasound showed cysts and normal breast tissue so nothing to worry about.


The clinician this time around was brilliant and when I asked him how I could tell the difference so as to not take up more appointments and waste time, he told me that I NEED to come back whenever I notice anything even though problems are not likely- each lump needs to be checked out. He said they never encourage women not to come for checks. 


Anyway, Thanks for your reply on here earlier Ann, seems I’m just a super anxious hypochondriac!!