Can't tell where tumour is!

Can’t tell where tumour is!

Can’t tell where tumour is! Back in Sept 06, a tumour showed up somewhere behind my sternum. The results of 2 CT scans show that it’s probably EITHER mets to the internal mammary glands OR a local recurrence in that general area (I had a mastectomy and axillary node clearance in April 2003). I asked about an MRI scan, but was told that it wouldn’t give any further information. I then asked why I wasn’t having chemo if there’s a possibility that the cancer is in the lymph nodes and was told that they are giving me “the benefit of the doubt” and supposing that mine is the better scenario of the two. But if they aren’t sure, shouldn’t they err on the side of caution and treat for the worse case scenario? Not that I want to go through chemo again, but would prefer that to further spread, etc. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Hi Angelfalls It sounds as though they think it is a cancerous tumour in either case, so I would definitely want to know why they’re not treating it. I think a little harassment is in order!

understand your feelings… I can understand your feelings and think you should go harrass them.Whilst you dont want treatment thats not needed you do want to give yourself the best possible chance so agree that erring on bad side would feel safer for me.
Feeling similar as nurse phoned whilst l was out today and told hubby my bone scan and yesterdays CT scan looked ok but NOT to worry if l was asked to go for abdo ultra sound-(CT WAS CHEST AND ABDO).
so my brain says if nothing to worry about why might they want to do scan? but feel I really want to be called or will worry they missed something.They cant win with me!! But peace of mind is very important after fighting bc.
go get em girl!
love sharon x

just realised!!! Just looked at your profile and realised we are alsmost neighbours! I have been to RGH today to Pain clinic and about 1hr ago back from friends in Llantrisant!! Live in Bridgend! Maybe if you fancy a coffee we could meet one day-Borders a big fav with me!Am away this weekend Wrexham area back tues-catch up with you on forum then!
take care sharon x

Thanks for your replies. And yes, I think a 2nd opinion is the only way to get peace of mind on this one.

Gandalf - it is a cancerous tumour and they have treated the tumour itself (rads, ooph, change from Tamoxifen to Arimidex - scan next month to see how it’s doing), so it’s not as bad as I made it sound. Oops! I’m just concerned about the lack of chemo when it might be in the lymph nodes…

Sharon - would be great to meet up. Have a fab time in Wrexham (I was going to go, but decided to wait for the one in Cardiff…), and come back with loads of info! I’m back in work part-time, but have plenty of space in the diary for coffee!! Will be in touch.

All the best, Mel (Angelfalls)