Capacetabine, advice needed!

I am just starting my fifth cycle of Capacetabine. I thought I would be on it until it stopped working ( I have lung mets)
I was so surprised today when the chemo nurse said it would be my last and I need to see my onc after this cycle.
Can anyone tell me if we just have a break and then start taking it again.
I feel confused as my onc told me last time I saw him I would stay on it for a while as I only had a tiny progression.
Really gutted as I am tolerating it so well compared with other chemos and I know some of you ladies have been on it for a couple of years.
I am also on Herceptin.
I would really appreciate any help.

Hi Jan,
I am back on Capecitabine too.My onc likes to give 6 cycles first then rescan me to see what effects it has had.I had dramatic results the first time round-my lung tumour disappeared.
Alli x

Hi Alli,
Did you have a break and if so how long?
What a brilliant result!!I was hoping for a result like that but my onc sadly said it wasn`t the norm.
Hope you are feeling better and you have your pain under control now.
Take care,

I’ve just had my seventh lot of xeloda. I too have the impression that I will be on it for as long as it works, and am hoping for a long run. My onc did say, though, that they may lower the dose, (I am on 4000mg a day) or change from the current schedule of two weeks on one week off to a cycle that gives longer rest time such as two weeks on and two weeks off.

It sounds like you need to talk to your onc to get some answers.


Hi Jan,
I had a break of about 4 1/2 months before starting it again.
Alli x

just to say I was on capecitabine 2300 twice a day for 2 years and it worked really well for over 20 months. Then my liver tumours started to grow so had to go on taxol.
Love Debsxxx

Hi, Debs , Alli and Diedrie,
Thanks for the info. apparently I have had six cycles not five… how time flies when you are having fun!!
The chemo nurse said different trusts have different ways of administering capecetabine, ours give six cycles at a time. I find it amazing that they all differ so much.
I find this very worrying, I feel like a druggie who needs a fix!!
(which is what I have probably become)
Interesting to see what my onc. says on my next visit
Thanks, take care,

Hi Toronto,
it is not an expensive chemo and you don’t need to use chemo unit, nurses to monitor infusion, so they can’t play the cost card.
Love Debsxxx

Thanks Debs,
I need all the info I can use, really want to stay on this as long as possible!!
Take care,

Hi – sorry for the late arrival to this thread – I’ve been on capecitabine for over 5½ years, prescribed by my onc team through the Christie Hospital where they’re based. It has worked really well in reducing and disappearing my liver mets – have been NED in my liver for over a year now. My onc intends that I stay on capecitabine (along with exemestane & ibandronate) until it ceases to keep me stable. Good luck Jan!
Marilyn (the Xeloda Queen) x

Hi Marilyn,
Gosh what a fantastic result!!My first scan showed a slight progression so I don`t know whether I will be so successful, although my onc said that was early days.
I had A.C. and Taxotere for my primary treatment so capecitabine is so gentle in comparison just pray I will get the same result as you!
Many thanks,

Hi there , just read your post I have lung mets and am on taxotere. This is the first time I have heard of the chemo you are on . What was your original diagnosis ,type etc? Ths drug you are on seems really good. I am seeing my onc. tomorrow so will mention it to him.

Ruffy I am really surprised you havent heard of Capecitabine - it is well used now for some years and is one of those that can be continued on a maitenance dose for some considerable time - maybe you know it by its other name of xeloda?


Hi Ruffy,
I finished treatment for primaries in November last year and was dx with lung mets in March this year.
I had adjuvant therapy for primaries… A.C. and Taxotere, tax didn`t work for me, my tumour started growing again I had to stop after 3 cycles and have a mastectomy.
I am due a scan soon so will see how Capecetabine is working, for me it is soo easy after my previous experiences with chemo.
Take care,